Call Out For Long-Serving School Crossing Patrols!

In 2014 Keltic announced a competition. We wanted to find the longest serving School Crossing Patrols in the country. These SCP’s would be given awards and prizes in acknowledgement of their service. The competition turned out to be very popular. We received a huge number of entries, and the hard work of SCP’s all over the UK was recognised. Due to the popularity of the competition we have decided to do it all over again!


School Crossing Patrols

What Do You Win?


The first question, of course, is what’s in it for the winners? Well, the longest-serving SPC’s will receive a bottle of champagne, a length of service badge and a batch of delicious “STOP” cupcakes for their entire team of SCP’s!


School Crossing Patrols


How Do You Enter?


The competition will run from the 16th January until the 31st March. To enter, simply email scp@kelticclothing.co.uk from your council email address. All we need is the patrols name and their length of service. As soon as all votes are cast we will get back to you and tell you if you are one of our winners!


Good luck School Crossing Patrols!


Best of luck to anybody entering this year. We look forward to updating you all on the results of the competition in due course!



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