Aberdeen Council confirm Keltic Jackets are ‘completely waterproof’ during wettest June on record

We were lucky enough to visit Aberdeen City Council in their stunningly beautiful new offices in January – and now they have new jackets as well!

Town House Aberdeen

Town House Aberdeen

And boy were our jackets put to the test this last month in this continuously wet, humid, stormy weather. Lee Taylor, Facilities Officer at Aberdeen Council has given us some brilliant feedback on why our jackets are so good for these weather conditions, saying “All the garments are very high quality. The jackets are completely waterproof and we have had no problems with leaky jackets. We particularly like the quilted liner as we can remove it on warmer days”. Wow, what great feedback!


We don’t want to get too big-headed, but Lee also said “The customer service is brilliant, delivery times are always kept to, they have competitive prices” and best of all “I would recommend Keltic Clothing to all Councils”. Double wow!


Since our jackets are highly breathable, patrollers can still feel cool but won’t get soaking wet in the process. Perfect for another wash-out week! Have a good one!



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