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Water off a duck’s back – Hurry free sample jacket for RSGB newsfeed subscribers!

Patrol Jackets

You have to feel sympathy for the poor school crossing patrol warden with all this terrible wet weather. They have certainly had a lot of weather conditions thrown at them recently with all the wind, hail and rain. Wearing poor quality jackets can often mean that they have only just dried out when they have to go out again in soggy uniforms for the afternoon rush.

Luckily here at Keltic our full range of School Crossing Patrol jackets are made to protect your staff in all weathers. Our Superior STOP jackets are eight times more waterproof than the highest European standard. They even have drop-tail backs to avoid wet-bum syndrome from when cars go by and splash puddles upwards!

We are so confident that you will love our SCP jackets as much as we do that for one week only we are offering a free sample of our school crossing patrol wet weather gear for the first 20 Road Safety GB Newsfeed subscribers to call Louise Bennett on 08450 66 66 99.

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Road Safety GB North West group is dazzled by new Prismatic Garment Tape

Prismatic tape

Prismatic Tape on Superior STOP Jacket

A demonstration of new Reflexite Prismatic Garment tape technology got the Road Safety GB North West group really excited about this new technology. One of the main benefits is that it can be seen up to seven times further away than glass bead tape, which is usually used on SCP uniforms, and it is now well within the budget of most local authorities.

So, for a little background knowledge, there are two main reflective tape technologies – glass bead from the 1960s and prismatic which is bang up to date with current technology. Both offer EN471 conforming levels of reflectivity. However, tests show that with glass bead tape, the glass beads wear off over time and with washing, so that the reflective values drop dramatically. The reflectiveness of glass bead tape is also drastically reduced in the rain. With prismatic technology, the tape retains its reflectivity for the lifetime of the garment, and gives exceptional performance in the rain. Tests have shown that Reflexite prismatic tape can be seen up to seven times further away than glass bead tape – thus making it a much safer option for those who work outside.

The consensus of the of the Road Safety North West group was that now this prismatic tape was available well within their budget, there was no excuse not to use it because it protects their staff better than the current industry standard, glass bead, which is based on technology from the 1960s.

You can find the Reflexite prismatic tape on Keltic’s Superior STOP jacket. Request a sample, a demonstration or a brochure, by calling Serena Groom or Louise Bennett on 08450 666699.

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Paul Smith wins top fashion prize

We are delighted to hear that the fashion designer and all-round legend Sir Paul Smith is to be awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design Award. Given last year to Alexander McQueen, Sir Paul will pick up this award at the British Fashion Awards.

Sir Paul is famous for his quintessentially British tailoring, and it is his amazing eye for detail that sets his suiting apart. We take huge inspiration from Sir Paul and many of our recent corporate suits developments such as our new linings showing a map of Europe and the ruffled back panel detail on our latest ladies jacket are a respectful nod to recent Paul Smith collections.

Sir Paul, who was knighted in 2000, said his success is due to two qualities often overlooked in fashion “organisation and being down to earth”. He said “The thing I’m most proud of out of anything is continuity. I’m reliable, polite and I deliver clothes on time that are well-made at the right price”. Modest as ever! We agree wholeheartedly with this statement and believe that a uniform suit that is well made and delivered on time is the strongest foundation that a uniform suits supplier can have.  We look to recreate some of Sir Paul Smith’s magic in the uniform suits world, with a traditional work ethic, reliable service and delivery, and a keen eye for design and detail.

Uniform suit inspired

New Corporate suit lining

Previous winners of the Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design include Dame Vivienne Westwood and Stephen Jones.

For further corporate suit fashion news, keep posted!

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The holy grail of school crossing patrol gloves? You tell us!

We’ve been travelling up and down the country talking to school crossing patrol staff and road safety officers and managers, and a key piece of feedback we’ve received is that no one is able to find a waterproof glove that keeps patrols hands warm and dry but doesn’t cost the earth.


New School Crossing Patrol Glove

We think we may have found the answer. We’ve just introduced a brand new glove that costs less than £10 and is waterproof, breathable, really comfortable and has a great grip on the palm. A number of local authorities are trialing it currently with good feedback so far. If you’d like to join them, please call Serena or Laura in our School Crossing Patrol Department on 08450 66 66 99.


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Uniforms work for the salvation army

Today we’re blogging about a question that’s always bugged us that we’ve recently found the answer to – why do the Salvation Army wear uniforms for work? Have you ever wondered the same, when you’ve noticed them whilst out shopping in town, for instance?

Initially it started when the Christian movement took on a military character, in the early days of Salvationism. Now, uniforms work for the Salvation Army because they give a clear guide to onlookers that the wearer is a Christian and is available for religious discussion or instruction. Uniform work is generally associated with help and assistance, and this association is useful for the Salvationist movement, showing they are available to serve others.

Another crucial job that a uniform does, not only for the Salvation Army but for all uniformed professions, is make the wearer feel part of a team, and part of something that is bigger than themselves. The more observant among you will have noticed that Army uniforms, while having a basic style, have a number of accoutrements such as epaulettes and badges. Similar to other work roles, these denote whether the wearer is an officer or soldier, and which corps they are a member of.

We hope that this blog has helped some of you who have wondered about the origins of the Salvation Army’s dress. The Salvation Army brass band are actually playing at a friend’s wedding in July – I’ll report back on how they look in their uniforms!


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Keltic’s Corporate wear department charity run

At Keltic we are always willing to take part in charity events and raise money for a good cause. Last weekend our very own corporatewear department took part in the Cancer Research Race for Life, raising £252 between them.

corporate wear supplier charity run

Corporatewear Charity Run

The day was clouded over and they got caught in a number of downpours but they carried on and finished within the hour. Our brand new School Crossing Patrol department is also taking part in next weekend’s run, to raise further money for such a good cause.

Our corporate wear supplier team thoroughly enjoyed their day and are already planning for next year’s event!


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British Parking Association Easter egg prize draw

This year, Keltic are sponsoring the British Parking Association Wales Group, and we very much enjoyed yesterday’s group meeting in Newtown. We love Wales, so the drive through the beautiful Powys countryside was an added bonus.

The meeting included lots of really interesting dialogue about such issues as pavement parking, hospital parking and blue badge fraud. It was one of the more lively meetings we’ve been to, and also one of the best attended. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come and see our display of parking and warden uniform – it was a pleasure meeting you all. We can’t wait for the next one on July 20th.

Easter competition

Easter egg prize draw


Keltic held a prize draw with the opportunity to win a giant Easter egg, and BPA Chairman Graham Brown did us the honour of pulling the lucky name out of the box. The winner who received an overly large Hotel Chocolat Egg was Arllette Brown, Senior Developments Manager for the successful Park Mark Scheme. Arllette mentioned that the Park Mark Scheme has recently signed up Cardiff Football Club, who are of course keen to contribute to keeping their customers and their vehicles safe whilst on their premises. Park Mark is increasing its campaign across Wales to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in car parks.

easter egg prize

David with lucky winner

Keltic hope to contribute further to the BPA Wales group at future meetings with a discussion of how enforcement uniforms have developed over the years, and where they’re going in the future. Parking and warden uniforms are a major factor in the public perception of on street staff, and we hope to share our experience of working with over 200 local authorities across the UK, and more importantly, to get the feedback of the BPA Wales Group members.



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The right warden uniforms can help you keep your trained staff

Enforcement Uniform

A correct enforcement uniform can make all the difference to staff morale

Even in times of recession there’s no getting away from training costs, and roles such as enforcement wardens cost local authorities up to £4000 to train staff. Our message at this year’s Parkex exhibition was that providing the best warden uniform helps to retain staff.  Our new garments such as the magnum striders, patrol anoraks and patrol caps are focused on keeping staff safe, warm and dry. This leads to increased staff morale meaning those staff are more likely to stay in their role and provide a return on their training investment.

Providing the right enforcement uniforms and equipment can also reduce sickness and absence. Happy staff, rather than wet, miserable staff, will also be more productive in their work. And when they know their managers are looking after them by researching the right uniform, looking at all the options and involving them in the decision-making process, this further feeds into the feel-good factor.

warden uniforms

That’s very much been our message this Parkex, and it’s been tremendously well received, with over sixty local authorities stopping by our stand to discuss their staff’s uniform issues, and how Keltic can help solve them.  If you’d like to arrange for your local authority staff to trial our garments, free of charge, to see what a difference they can make to your staff morale, just get in touch.


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How to care for your uniforms

The current economic climate makes us all tighten our belts, and that includes when it comes to corporate clothing. Here are our top 6 tips on how to keep costs low and save money on your uniforms and make them last!

  1. Shirts – Don’t boil-wash your shirts! Sounds funny but this is a common occurrence causing shrinking, loss of buttons and all sorts of other problems. Modern washing powders allow for clean results at 40 degrees or less, so there’s no excuse for shrinking your shirt to the size of a teddy bear’s!
  2. Jumpers and Knitwear – turn inside out before washing to prolong the life of the garment and the key is to allow it to dry flat naturally. Tumble drying can cause shrinkage and wringing out can stretch the garment out of shape if done too vigorously. We’ve seen some pretty funny shaped jumpers in our time!
  3. Suits – the majority of suits used as staff uniform these days are washable rather than dry clean only. To get the best results use a wash bag. Lay jackets, trousers and skirts in the bag, seal and fold in half. Ensure you wash at the temperature stated on the garment label. To dry, place on hanger, shake gently and reshape by straightening the seams and folding in the creases. Do not tumble dry, just leave to dry naturally and finish with a cool iron over a damp cloth.
  4. Hi Visibility jackets – we advise to wash your jackets a maximum of 10 times so that both the waterproof element of the jacket and reflective tape doesn’t degrade. Allow to dry naturally and wipe clean between washes as necessary to maintain fluorescent qualities.
  5. Embroidered/Printed uniforms – when ironing logos, too much heat can make them fade and pull. To prevent this happening, always iron the garments inside-out.
  6. Alternate regularly – It’s not all about washing and aftercare to make sure your staff uniforms last, it’s also to do with the amount of time you wear the garments, and the amount of time you rest them for. Where multiple shirts, trousers, jumpers etc are issued, alternate them on different days to give the fabric time to recover.

I hope this has been helpful, for further useful advice on this subject just give us a call!

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Keltic to demonstrate next generation parking uniforms at Parkex

Parkex, Europe’s largest parking exhibition and conference, is always an exciting time of year for us at Keltic. It’s the time when we showcase our latest parking uniform innovations, and even more importantly when we get to meet all our lovely customers and potential customers!

It’s a great opportunity to come together with people you don’t necessarily see during the year, to consolidate existing relationships and build new ones. We’ll be showcasing both our civil enforcement officer uniform innovations (for on street enforcement) and our parking attendant uniform new additions (for off street staff).

First off, we’ll be demonstrating our new Magnum Strider – we’ll be chucking water, chemicals and all sorts of “nasties” at it, to demonstrate its water-repellant hydrophobic technology. We’ll also have data to show how well the Strider performs in comparison to other leading brands in terms of durability and slip-resistance, with reports and pictures from the Health and Safety Executive.

We’ll also be showcasing our Patrol Range – our flagship range of parking enforcement uniforms, which includes our superb lightweight summer range and our Patrol Anorak and Blouson, the most waterproof and breathable parking jackets on the market, available from stock in 30 colours.

Keltic Clothing Parkex Advert

Keltic Clothing Parkex Advert

The other main innovation we will be unveiling is our brand new Patrol Cap. Parking Review recently heralded the 50 year anniversary of the traffic warden – and whilst the rest of the uniform is unrecognisable, the peaked cap has remained unchanged – until now. The Patrol Cap is the next generation peaked cap – lightweight, breathable, waterproof and comfortable. See it for the first time at Parkex 29-31 March. For a sneak peak see our Parkex Ad for information.

At Keltic, we’re so confident in our garments that we can arrange a FREE TRIAL – see our friendly exhibition staff for details. We’re also offering 10% off all first-time orders placed by 30.04.11 – again, please see our exhibition staff for details.

We’re at stand P90 – opposite the restaurant and near the Parkex café. This year we’re encouraging customers to book appointments with myself or our exhibition team, to make sure we get to see everyone – please contact us to arrange your appointment.

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