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Keltic Are Getting Silly For A Serious Cause

Once again as a Keltic Tradition we have all dug out our Christmas Jumpers in the Aid of Charity, this year we are raising funds for the Save the Children Charity Appeal.

Save the Children’s Vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. They Aim to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

This year alongside wearing a Christmas Jumper, we have all bought in some cakes and we are having a cake sale, as you can imagine there is a lot of cake, but it’s all for a good cause. We have also run a sweepstake to help increase the total fundraising amount.

Further to the fundraising instead of sending Christmas cards this year, we will be making a charity donation to St Giles Hospice, a local charity that gives specialist care and support free of charge to patients and families who are living with cancer and other illnesses.

At this point we’d like to take the time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This year has been one of great developments for us and our customers. We look forward to working with you in 2017!

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Secret Santa Surprises

With only a few weeks left till Christmas, we’ve all taken part in Secret Santa ready to exchange gifts and have a few laughs along the way.

This year to mix things up a little, we’ve all been given a letter of the alphabet to buy a present starting with the letter chosen. I’m sure there will be some weird and wonderful ideas in there!


Watch this space to find out who receives what and also keep your eyes peeled for our festive jumpers on the 16th of December for Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day.

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Road Safety Week 21st – 27th November

In line with Road Safety week, we thought why not put up a short post to remind everyone of the great road safety products and school crossing patrol uniforms we have to offer! To celebrate we have just launched our brand new brochure! Collect your copy by emailing

Being safe on the roads is one of the most important things to learn, so through road safety education tools such as our exclusive Street Feet kits and role play equipment, this does the trick in teaching children all they need to know in terms of safety.

Not just educational props, we also strive to provide the best School Crossing Patrol uniforms on the market. Our Superior and Standard Stop Range of jackets, gloves and trousers offer the best visibility for Patrols when working in turbulent conditions through the winter.

And we couldn’t finish this post without a quick mention of RSGB which was a huge success again this year in Bristol. Thank you to everyone who visited out stand to say hello and share a cupcake. It was great to chat with new and existing customers.

school crossing patrol uniforms

school crossing patrol uniforms

To purchase any of the above or for a chat feel free to call us on 08450 66 66 99 and ask for Steph Edwards. Alternatively drop up as email on

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Chocolate Week – Our Favourite Chocolate

It’s Chocolate Week! What a time to be alive! We’ve only just found this exciting fact out, and are gleefully celebrating this glorious occasion by eating our weight in delicious… yes you guessed it… chocolate. It turns out that everyone in the office has a different favourite when it comes to what kind of chocolate they go for. We thought it might be a fun idea, therefore, to put together a list of each department’s favourite type of chocolate! How will Warehouse compare to Design? What about Body Armour compared to Custom Ties? Find out below!


Greated Chocolate


Chocolate Week: Staff Favourites


10 staff choices in random order:

Cadbury Wispa – Corporate Wear Department

Ferrero Rocher – Custom Ties Department

Snickers – Warehouse

Plain Dairy Milk – Parking & Uniform Department

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – Design Department

Cadbury Bournville – Body Armour Department

Maltesers – Sewing & Alterations Department

Galaxy (plain, caramel & cookie) – School Crossing Patrol & Road Safety Department

Yorkie – Funeral Wear Department

Mars – Warehouse/Packing

So now you know some of our most loved chocolate. We wonder which is your favourite out of the list there. Comment below!
If you’d like more information about chocolate week you can click here!

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Work Uniform: Picking the Right Colour

When choosing uniforms an important factor to consider is what colour to go for. Colour can play a major role in the look of your uniforms and your overall company image. Below are our top 5 considerations when choosing your work uniform.

Work Uniform

Work Uniform Colour: Some Pointers


  1. What are your corporate colours? This is the first point to consider when deciding uniform colour. Remember, there are different ways to use colour – if you can’t source suits or shirts in your company colour, you can use custom ties or company scarves as a low cost way to get your brand across. Below are some less obvious but equally important considerations.
  2.  Approachability vs. Authority.  Colour can play a big role on how approachable your staff appear. For example a pastel shade uniform can come across as more approachable to potential customers. Customer service staff need to regularly interact with the public and need to be approachable at all times. By using lighter shades this can appear more friendly and break down barriers. A direct comparison would be darker shades such as black and navy which can create a more of an “arms length” or authority look. This can be an advantage for the police and similar roles which benefit from  demonstrating an authoritative presence.
  3. Do your staff’s job roles involve possible confrontation? If this is the case then darker shades as mentioned above are ideal to create an impression of authority. A study in Copenhagen reflects just this – by changing their uniforms from green to dark navy, attacks on parking attendants went down by 75%!
  4. Casual vs. Professional. Colours can also differentiate work uniforms to appear either casual or professional. Warmer, lighter or more fashionable colours can appear more casual and even give a “cooler” corporate image; however smart casual is a tricky thing to pull off.  Alternatively darker shades such as navy, charcoal and pinstripes can create a more efficient, smart, professional image. This is something to consider as you will want your uniforms to reflect your company image.
  5. Consider how your staff will feel in the new uniform colour – The choice of fluorescent pink shirts might have looked good on the drawing board, but are your male staff going to be comfortable in this new look?

Find Out More


I hope this has been useful and something to bear in mind when looking for a work uniform. For further information on this subject leave a comment! If you’d like to speak to one of our staff directly about your uniform, we’d be delighted to help you out. Just call 08450 666699.

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Winter Jackets | School Crossing Patrol

It’s hard to believe but Autumn and Winter are fast approaching. Soon we’ll all be wrapping up warm to head out into the cold. For people who work outside, the weather can make a big impact on their days, and according to the NHS website, their health, too. This means that it’s time to be thinking about warm winter jackets for your patrols.Standard stop jacket

Winter Jackets: Make the Right Choice


Our exclusive STOP range of winter jackets, both standard and superior, are the best choice when it comes to keeping your School Crossing Patrols warm and dry in the typical harsh British weather. Added details of higher collars for wind protection, enhanced velcro cuffs to lock in the warmth and longer length backtails for protection from splashes are just some of the highlights from a long list of added features enhancing our jackets. These additional features will ensure that your staff are comfortable and protected from the elements.

Superior stop jacket



We keep a huge range of stock in a huge range of sizes. All are available on a next day service. What’s more is that we send out samples to customers who would like to try out their jackets before they commit to purchasing them. This service is totally free. Call us for more details. Our number is 08450 666699. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you more information.

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Get ready for a new term with our Road Safety kits

As always, the new term is coming up fast. Schools around the country are gearing up for new challenges and new ventures. Perhaps you’re thinking about investing in some new educational resources. If so, have you heard about our road safety kit – Street Feet?


Street Feet Resource


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Keltic find the ideal kit for Blink Ltd football team

We had the pleasure of working with one of our great customers Blink Ltd recently. They asked us to kit out their boy’s football team, for the presentation of their hard-earned league trophies. Requiring a specific colour for their team, we found the perfect match and added their embroidered team logo to complete the look. See the customised football kit below.


Corporate clothing


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Brand New – Magnum Safety Strider Boot

Every now and again we get a product that just ticks all of the boxes. Today we unveil a such a product. It is our exclusive Magnum Safety Strider Boots. This brand new addition to our existing Strider Boot offers all of the same features, but with added composite toe and composite plate, for your protection.

Magnum Safety Strider Boots


What Makes Our Magnum Safety Strider Boots Different?

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Corporate Uniform | The Complete Summer Package

Summer is really upon us now, and people across the country are re-thinking their wardrobe choices for the new season. Why should this end when it comes to your corporate uniform? Get a fresh new look for your team this summer with Keltic.

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