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New York Fashion Week – the fashions revealed this month!

New York Fashion week kicked off last Wednesday and revealed the latest ranges set to kick up a storm this spring. As advertised by Vogue, the week began gently with lesser known names including John Patrick and Jil Sander’s, giving way to even bigger names towards the end of the week.

Prints and bold colours again were a massive hit as we have already revealed incompany clothing our company clothing blogs this month – Pretty in prints – our new printed blouses our now available!. Diane von Furstenberg caused a big impact with vibrant block colours and playful prints including teaming up vibrant polo necks with fitted pencil skirts, again another feature we revealed last autumn – Ideal corporate knitwear fashion for the winter.

Victoria Beckham also revealed a very military style theme with her own range of fashion garments, including feminine fitted shapes with military detailing, bright stand up collars and shiny gold buttons. Our latest tunics soon to be launched on our website later this year reveal we don’t miss a beat when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends.

For further company clothing information – call us on 01922 70 99 22 to sample our latest ranges.

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Pretty in Prints – our new printed blouses are now available!

As advertised in the latest Armani Exchange collections this month, prints are officially ‘in’ this year. To keep up with demand and the latest fashion trends, we are very excited to introduce a range of new printed blouses into our growing collections of corporate wear.

Patterned blouses

New Patterned blouses

Our brand new Petals Soft Touch Blouse is a tailored fit style with added pleated sleeve detail to compliment the style and add that little touch to differentiate from other classic alternatives. Available in three vibrant colours, our patterned blouses shout out ‘be bold and beautiful’ and step up your current uniforms with a splash of vibrancy and colour.

Call us on 01922 70 99 22 to sample our brand new range –take advantage of our free delivery and collection of samples for a limited time only!

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2012 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund – The Winner!

Hot off the press this month in the world of fashion, the winner of the 2012 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund has just been announced. Chaired by Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, the winner announced was Jonathan Saunders, a Scottish born designer who is renowned for colourful prints and striking designs.

Beating off tough competition including Richard Nicoll, Zoe Jordan and Meadham Kirchhoff, Saunders wins a £200,000 cash prize and a bespoke mentoring programme to help him achieve his business goals over the coming 12months.

Saunders has recently been quoted “His recent collections have shown that he is a designer who can provide beautiful clothes that women enjoy wearing” – a great position to be in we feel as this is one of the main reasons we put so much into our own corporate uniform collections, so our wearers enjoy and feel great in what they are wearing.

All our corporate uniforms help you shine in your workplace so choose correctly and feel as great as any model currently does wearing a Saunders invention on the catwalk.

Call Charlotte on 01922 70 99 22 to find out which collection will shine for your staff.

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Keltic trials the Patrol Cap!

Being as it’s a Friday we thought we’d have a bit of fun and road test one of our favourite new products– the Patrol Cap – here in the office! This is no ordinary uniform hat, as we have found out from a number of customers currently wearing these on street.

Uniform hats

Uniform Cap Trial

Modernisation has played a big part in the transformation of our uniform caps and our stylish Patrol Cap has a more sophisticated, slimmer profile with a smaller non shiny-fabric peak. The cap is made from highly breathable, waterproof and quick drying fabric, and is much lighter weight fabric, giving more flexibility and comfort. Many customers have found this to be a relief from what they consider to be the old fashioned bulky, heavy and uncomfortable originals. This is a revolutionary product, yet easy to phase in with existing styles.

Feedback from our trials in the office highlights how comfortable the uniform cap is. A couple of our staff have been wearing the Patrol Caps throughout the day and report back – “It’s so comfortable I forgot I had it on till I looked in the mirror” and “It’s so comfortable I don’t want to take it off now!”

Not only that, we all think they looked very smart in their new headwear as well!

To trial our uniform hats and further items for yourself, call us on 08450 66 66 99 for further information!


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Clothes can do a job – see what your corporate wear can do for you!

“Clothes can ‘do a job’. A well-cut suit can make you look slimmer, taller, sexier, more elegant or business-like”. Sir Paul Smith.

What a great description of what the best corporate wear can do for your staff and your organisation! Sir Paul Smith has enjoyed global success and won numerous design awards – who better to take inspiration from?

The winner of last year’s Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design Award has inspired our latest ranges of corporatewear. We wholeheartedly agree that “Clothes can ‘do a job’” – all our collections are designed not only to do a job for the individual wearer – by giving them smart workwear they’re proud to wear, but also to do a job for the organisation they work for, presenting customer-facing staff as  a sophisticated, unified team.

Corporate Wear

Choose the right corporate wear for full potential

For the individual, wearing a well-made, modern suit that’s well-cut makes you feel the most confident person in the world. And our clients tell us time and again, the right corporate wear can make a big difference not only to how staff carry themselves, but also to the public’s impression of the organisation as a whole.

Another great job that the right corporate wear suits can do is saving money! By choosing the right corporatewear suits for the particular job role that staff are doing, you’ll get the very best performance. For example our Endurance collection is four times more durable than other workwear suits, meaning staff who work in demanding work environments, will have the guarantee that their clothing will be working for their needs.

The latest fabric technology, as seen in our Endurance and Performance collections means that workwear is now lasting longer and longer if it is cared for correctly, meaning less expenditure on renewing uniforms each year.

To find out which of our ranges will work best for your staff, let our expert help you hand pick the right corporate wear to provide the best potential for your role. Call us on 01922 70 99 22 for further guidance.



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Winter Styles – Brand New Contrast Cardigan ideal for reception uniforms

Here is something to brighten up the dull winter months, our brand new chic contrast cardigan, ideal to team up with your current reception wear for added warmth and style. Our brand new cardigan includes collar and cuff detail and available in a number of colours to match an existing blouse or add a splash of colour to a formal uniform.

Reception uniforms

Ideal Reception Wear

Ideal for receptionists uniforms and further front of house roles, our brand new contrast cardigan can provide a smart professional look whilst keeping you warm and comfy throughout the working day.

Complete the receptionist uniforms look with a matching colour scarf or contrast blouse to really brighten up your uniforms and get in the mood for spring.

Receptionists uniforms

Reception Uniforms

For further reception uniforms and similar alternatives, contact Charlotte on 01922 70 99 22 for further advice and ideas.

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Endurance Collection – Four Times More Durable Than Other Workwear Suits!

Today we’re very excited because we’ve got the results of the Martindale tests for our Endurance Collection. This is a scientific test done on laboratory conditions that measures the durability of fabric. News just in confirms that our Endurance Collection fabric is at least four times more durable than most other workwear suits currently on the market, and up to ten times more durable than high street alternatives.

Security Suits

Ideal security suit durability

The Martindale test is the most important test of a garment when it comes to assessing its durability. For any workwear or security suit, this is the one to watch. It involves a machine applying mechanised rubs to a sample fabric (also known as the rub test) which tests how many thousand rubs a fabric will withstand before it breaks down.

Most high street suits score from 8000 on Martindale Tests before the fabric begins to break down; our Endurance Collection scores up to 80,000 – an outstanding and totally unrivalled durability for everyday suits. This means our suits will last ten times longer than many high street brands and ideal for heavy usage such as for security suits, every day suits for hotel staff, and all demanding work environments where staff need to be really smart.

Security suit

Ideal for security suits

This is also our lowest price range, meaning it’s within every budget. For further information on these tests or advice on your workwear needs, please call Charlotte on 01922 70 99 22.

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Vogue 2012 cover girl – spring style yet to come!

We may all be battling with the January cold weather but the stylish new cover girl of Vogue 2012 will get us in the mood for spring office uniform styles yet to come. Arizona Muse, a well known American catwalk fashion model sets the scene with what’s set to be ‘in’ this spring, pastel colours being one of them.

This comes just in time for our brand new office uniforms developments set to come in this spring, one exciting development being our new range of shift dresses including a stunning pastel grey.

Office uniform

Brand new office uniforms

Catch the latest news on uniforms for office wear here and find out about our exciting new ranges yet to come in our corporate wear department.

Our office uniforms for ladies and men are readily available from stock so please contact us should you require further information on our remarkable ranges.

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Vogue – The best dressed of 2011!

Always on the lookout for new innovations to our office wear, we remain submerged in the world of fashion to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends. Our office wear for women and men all take inspiration from big name brands including the likes of GQ and Vogue and late last year the announcements were made for Vogue’s best dressed 2011 which we couldn’t help but take notice!

The Long list of 24 winners included Actress Kirsten Dunst, Model Kate Moss, Actress Kirsten Stewart and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton plus many more. A great array of star’s highlighting some of the best fashion styles we have seen throughout 2011.

2012 will set to be bigger and better and our office work wear will continue to thrive with all new fashion ideas just waiting to come alive.

Our Office workwear is just a click away, you will not be disappointed!

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GQ’s designer of the year

Happy 2012 to everyone! This year is set to be even bigger than the last in our corporate wear department including plenty more fashion developments to keep us on our toes.

Picking up on the latest corporate wear uk and worldwide news, we wanted to comment on GQ’s designer of the year 2011 who was announced late last year, Tommy Hilfiger. Here is what GQ had to say “while many of his peers create an exclusive world into which they invite you, Hilfiger’s true genius has been to go out and sell the sartorial dream to the global Everyman.” Tommy Hilfiger himself says “preppy with an edge is what we have brought to the fashion business.”

We think this an excellent choice for fashion designer of the year and can’t wait to see what is in store in 2012. Keltic clothing’s design team have definitely taken inspiration for our range of corporatewear from Tommy Hilfiger and will continue to develop our new ranges with this in mind.

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