Keltic’s 7 styles of body armour

Our website contains lots of information about how to choose the right body armour for your staff, but today we’re blogging about a word that doesn’t crop up much when it comes to body armour – style!

When body armour first started being issued to police in the 1980s, back when it was rigid or hardened and very uncomfortable, there were only two styles available – the white “covert” style (worn under the shirt for concealed protection) and the black “overt” style – worn as the outermost garment. Although body armour materials are now much more flexible, allowing wearers to manoeuvre more easily away from threats, the majority of suppliers are still offering just the two styles, and even then they often have to be made to order rather than held in stock.

At Keltic, we believe having a choice is really important, so we’ve developed seven different styles of body armour, all held in stock for next day delivery. Whichever body armour supplier you go with, it’s essential to have a choice of styles and to get samples before you place your order, so you can try before you buy. We can’t stress enough that your staff need to be comfortable in their armour – this doesn’t just mean choosing comfortable flexible armour (rather than hardened armour) but also picking a style they’re happy with, to ensure that they don’t think twice about putting on their armour when it counts.

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