Bradford City Council fights the elements with Keltic’s new SCP jacket!

Bradford City Council have joined the growing number of School Crossing Patrols to be wearing Keltic Clothing uniform. The decision was made after our Standard STOP Jacket was put through its paces by experienced patroller Brenda Forcer.


Brenda patrols the highest school crossing in the whole country – at exactly 1000 feet above sea level, she certainly has to brave the elements. What a perfect way to test our new jacket!

High visibility, high quality, high altitude, low cost!


Brenda, who has been a school crossing patrol person for over 17 years, gave fantastic feedback on the new jacket. Interestingly, based on her experience, Brenda feels that wearing a two tone jacket is a safer option. Drivers have also stated to Brenda that they feel the two tone coats make the patrols stand out more.

School crossing patrol uniform


Brenda also commented on how much the children liked her new jacket! There were also no complaints from Brenda about being cold either, and if anyone would feel the cold while on patrol it would be Brenda! Brrrrrr! At just £49.95 a jacket, Bradford Council have also saved a huge amount of money by moving to Keltic. 


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