Keltic take part in Children in need

It’s that time of year when we strive to give a little bit back. In aid of Children in Need, an amazing charity, we’re acting a bit silly in the office today! We have all dressed down for the day and are currently having our faces painted. Everybody who’s taking part is giving a donation to the brilliant charity, and making a small but real difference to somebody’s life!

Children in Need

What Do Children in Need Do?


The charity, which was started in 1980, raises huge amounts of money in order to change the lives of disabled children and young people in the UK. Known for their mascot Pudsey Bear, the charity has raised over £600 million since it began. This money has drastically improved the lives of countless people across the UK. What a great cause!

Children in Need

Dressing Down for Children in Need


Some of us didn’t even bother to get dressed before leaving the house and came to work in our PJ’s!

Children in Need

What an effort from Adam there!

Children in Need

Remember to Donate!


All of this silliness is in aid of a seriously good charity. Don’t forget to make your own donations to Children in Need so that this year can be their best year yet!

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