Has Dennis Tanner got his job back?

For the last two weeks we have been watching eagerly as the School Crossing Patrol storyline unfolds. As you already know we have been watching Dennis Tanner and Steve McDonald come to blows. Last night we saw  this storyline conclude and we got  to see even more of Keltic’s school crossing patrol uniform on the screen.

School crossing patrol uniform

We saw how Malcolm managed to get all the local School Crossing Patrols to join forces to try and save Dennis’s job….by barricading Steve in his own taxi! They told Steve they would only stop it if he confessed to Brian (the head teacher of his daughter’s school) that he was telling lies about Dennis.

School crossing patrol uniform

Eventually Steve gave in and told the headmaster the truth. So it seems that Dennis has his job back.

Even though Dennis Tanners new job has caused him all sorts of trouble he really loves his it. We hope you have enjoyed the story as much as we have and that some of you recognised our jackets.

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