Dennis Tanner is getting into mischief in his Keltic Clothing SCP uniform.

This week has been an exciting week for Keltic as we have been watching Dennis Tanner in our very own School Crossing Patrol Uniform. The storyline began with Dennis sneaking off to his new secret job to pay back Rita all the money he had been spending. It turned out that his new job was as a School Crossing Patrol Officer.

school crossing patrol uniform

school crossing patrol uniform

He was trained up by Malcolm who happens to be 87-year old Last of the Summer Wine actor Robert Fyfe. Dennis wasn’t able to keep his job secret for long when he was spotted by Steve McDonald. This started a massive rift between the pair which has seen Dennis stopping Steve unnecessarily and Steve banning Dennis from using his taxis.

However it seemed to be to be the last straw for Steve when Rita decided to play him at his own game refused to serve him in her shop.

Last night we saw Dennis lose his job after Steve lied to the school headmaster about Dennis shouting at the children. We have already seen Malcolm sticking up for his trainee and I am guessing he has something up his sleeve to help Dennis get revenge.

school crossing patrol uniform

Will Steve withdraw his allegations? Keep watching out for our updates

I started speaking to Lance – head of costume design at Corrie a few months back about him using our school crossing patrol uniform. He decided in the end to use our yellow winter jacket, mountain hat and our high vision gloves.

We have all been watching the soap at Keltic and we hope you have enjoyed this storyline as much as we have.

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