Funeral wear; Everyone’s talking about their winter uniforms!

This year has flown by at Keltic, we can’t believe we are in the midst of autumn with winter on its way! This month has been a bit of a blur, however from a number of conversations with funeral directors across the uk, we know this is the perfect time to be thinking about your long woollen overcoats and top hats to keep the chill out over the cold months ahead. We are already rushed off our feet with a flood of orders going though for winter uniforms with more on the way!

Funeral wear

From an array of comments from our many customers, we have been told our stock funeral overcoats and raincoats are ideal choices for winter, our wool and cashmere blend provides amazing warmth and comfort whilst achieving the smart look required for funeral directors. And in case we haven’t had enough rain this year, our funeral raincoat offers great protection from the elements.

Our range of winter accessories are also flying off the shelves, our top hats, gloves and knitwear are all great choices for added warmth.  As well as our stock funeral wear ranges, our made to order specials have been increasingly popular this month. We can design and create the ideal uniforms unique to your firm for a personal touch this winter.

For further guidance on your winter uniform choices this year then talk to Claire on 08450666699 on how we can make this achievable. 

Funeral wear

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