Gifts for Rosedene Dogs Home

We have been getting into the Christmas spirit early here at Keltic and decided we wanted to do something for the dogs at the local rescue centre. Rosedene rescue centre is run only by volunteers and receives no funding at all therefore depend on donations. With the dogs not having a forever home this Christmas we decided to pay a visit and donate some goodies to ensure they have some pressies at Christmas. Buster, a 2 year old staffy, was excited watching us unload the car.

As a team at Keltic we all worked together and brought in old blankets, towels and any doggy goodies we had lying around. We also spent money on getting the dogs lots of food and treats which I’m sure they will be very happy with.

I was lucky enough to take all the donations down to the rescue centre and see how much the donation means to them. As they are limited on volunteers i stayed and walked a dog which was so lovely. Abel, a white Staffordshire bull terrier, was such a pleasure to walk.

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