Road Safety Training with Hampshire School Children!

Having fun whilst learning – isn’t that just the best thing? That’s exactly what this lively bunch of Hampshire School Children got to recently at a brilliant road safety training event. The Junior Road Safety Officers Champion of Champions event took place on Wednesday 19th June at Eastleigh Fire Station. Eight local schools took part in the battle to be crowned champion. The event celebrates the fantastic work that JRSO’s do to promote Road Safety. Keltic’s contribution? School Crossing Patrol Sign lollipops, of course!

School Crossing Patrol Sign

JRSO’s Amazing Road Safety Training


Can you think of anything more important to teach kids than how to keep out of harms way? Us neither. That’s why we think that the work that JRSO’s do is amazing. So to are the children that are involved in the JRSO’s scheme across the UK. We were thus honoured to support the event with the donation of lollipops. Clyde Evans – Hampshire Fire and Rescue’s Station Manager said “The lollipops arrived in plenty of time, thank you for adding to the enjoyment of the day.

School Crossing Patrol Sign

The day was a brilliant success, with 60+ children having loads of fun and making lots of noise while learning all about road safety!

School Crossing Patrol Sign

School Crossing Patrol Sign Lollipops!


The lollipops were a huge hit. I think it was summed up by one particular child’s reaction to them. When presented with their participation shield – as oppose to a winner’s shield – she looked bitterly disappointed, having failed to win the star prise. When presented with one of our amazing lollipops, however, this frown changed to a beaming smile and she jumped up and down!

What a great day. Full information for details of the event can be seen here

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