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Every cyclist wants to be as safe as possible on the road, right? We want that too. That’s why we make sure our cycle jackets meet and exceed European safety standards. Hartlepool Council’s cycle instructors have recently been given a new look with brand new jackets that meet the highest European standard. Here, take a look:

Cycle Jackets

Safe Cycle Jackets


Robert Snowball , Sustainable Travel Officer at Hartlepool Council said

“We felt it was essential for our cycle instructors to be issued with the highest level of protection, EN471 Class 3. The fact that the jackets are red and yellow also sets them apart from other road users.”

As with all staff working on roads, cycle instructors must wear jackets that conform to European standard EN471 – the standard relating to high visibility clothing for professional use. The 2 classes of EN471 are shown below.

Cycle Jackets

Class 2 is the minimum standard to be worn by cycle instructors, but Hartlepool Council felt that the added protection of Class 3 was needed. “Since they are teaching our children road safety, we need them to lead by example, and to be protected to the highest level possible, by wearing the highest standard of garment” said Robert.

The new jackets, supplied by Keltic Clothing, also incorporate new Reflexite prismatic tape, which can be seen up to 7 times further away than standard reflective materials.

Robert also noted that staff will be well-protected from the rain in their new jackets. “I have been using my jacket during the really bad weather and have found the jacket to be very waterproof.”

To see a sample of our new Jackets, speak with Louise Bennett on 08450 66 66 99.

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