Just right for the job? You decide!

As Road Safety Professionals you all know how important the job is that our School crossing Patrols do.  Having been around for over 50 years now, that are part of everyday life for all of us.  Here at Keltic Clothing, we think that the schemes being delivered by you, our Road Safety Officers, every day are crucial.  You do such a great job.  All schemes are designed to educate our children on the rules of general road safety.  It’s no surprise then that children are educated in schools about the role of the school crossing patrol as part of the “people who help us” activities.  Children get to dress up as professionals such as a police officer, fire fighter, doctor and nurse. 

Keltic Clothing have their own range of outfits which are fit for this purpose.  This week we are really excited about our latest addition to the range, our children’s school crossing patrol outfits.   They are an exact replica of the adult uniforms that we stock – but mini versions.  The sign is even available in RA1 standard reflectivity and prismatic.  

We would love to know what you think, after all – you are the experts.  You can contact me for a sample on 08450 66 66 99 or email serena@kelticclothing.co.uk

Don’t forget to take a look at our traffic lights – the latest addition to our Road Safety Education Range

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