Official snow day? Official snow week we reckon! Grab your snow grips!

Wow, what an eventful few days! Friday was certainly an eye opener to everyone commuting to work and well done to all of us who managed to make the journey in! Whether it was a slow crawl in our cars or a trek in our trusty snow grips, the weather certainly didn’t hinder our spirits!

Snow grips

Grab your Snow Grips


Spare a thought for all those security, warden and parking staff all around the country, getting on with their jobs whilst a lot of us keep warm and dry in our cosy offices. However they must be thankful for their Keltic snow grips giving them a helping hand! Rather than buying a new pair of shoes or boots to accommodate snow and icy weathers, you can simply add our lightweight snow grips or walkers to your current footwear and turn you work shoes into snow shoes! A simple trick for this icy weather!

Pretty as a Snowflake


However cold it continues to get, go out and enjoy the snow, you can’t help but notice how beautiful it looks, even if you’re flat on your bum from falling over in it! Enjoy it everyone and we’ll check in with you soon!

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