RSGB / Lightweight Stop Sign

As many of you are already aware it was the National Road Safety GB conference 2013 last week. Myself and a few other members of the Keltic team attended to talk about our brand new Lightweight Stop Sign. The event was in beautiful Harrogate at the Majestic hotel, and it was a great few days.

Stop SignThose who attended will remember a member of our team dressed in our School Crossing patrol uniform asking you to try our new Light Weight Sign. As well as being very lightweight it also has some other brilliant features. Continue reading

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National Road Safety Conference 2013

Last week a few of the Keltic Clothing team , including myself, attended the National Road Safety Conference in Harrogate. The venue was the Majestic Hotel. It was an absolutely fantastic venue and it was a brilliant two days. As usual our stand was full of different things. Our Gingerbread Lollipop Men went down a storm as did our cupcakes.

National Road Safety Conference

It was lovely to meet everyone I have been speaking on the phone to for so long. Many of you enjoyed our golf competition to win the big Road Safety GB cake. A big well done to Barry Gardner who won with 9 out of 10!

National Road Safety Conference

Another congratulations to Mandy Rigault from Oxfordshire County Council . Mandy was the winner of our business card competition.

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Time for Secret Santa!

Its that time of year again for some office Christmas fun so here goes another round of Secret Santa!

secret santa

Come and pick a name and look forward to the challenge of getting some funny surprises limited to just £5. Santa will be arriving on the 20th December so get thinking.

And don’t forget no telling… its a secret!

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Have your cake and eat it

Cakes looking good

A number of our staff are currently up in beautiful Harrogate at the National Road Safety Conference. We are waiting with baited breath to hear who will win the delicious cake that our cake lady Kerrie lovingly prepared!

More details of this and our delicious gingerbread lollipop men coming up!

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Flimby Male Voice Choir’s amazing Choir Uniform

This year we had the pleasure of working with a Flimby Male Voice Choir. They are a twenty-five-strong male voice choir based in West Cumbria. Recently they got in contact with us to discuss a possible choir uniform for their members. They wanted something smart and sophisticate to wear for their many concerts and competitions. We were delighted to work alongside them and provide them with a unique and impressive uniform.

Who are Flimby Male Voice Choir?


Flimby originally formed in the late 19th century with over 60 members. Over the years they have had numerous successes in regional musical competitions, and are one of the most highly esteemed choirs in the UK.

Flimby’s Choir Uniform


Flimby came to us with a choir uniform in mind, and we gave them a number of different options that would fit their vision. We then worked together to select a final uniform that worked to their needs and suited everyone. They now wear a uniform that reflects the impressiveness of their choir. Take a look below.

Corporate wear


We would like to thank them for the lovely photo sent into us to share with our blog followers and we very much look forward to working with them again in the years to come.

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Happy Bonfire Night!!!

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Body Armour: does yours need to be CE-marked? Here’s the answer!

UK body armour

Is your body armour CE-marked?

Recently we’ve received a lot of queries from our clients regarding CE-marking. It seems that there is a lot of confusion as to whether body needs to be CE-marked. This is a nice easy one to clear up! Armour for civilian use falls under European Council Directive 89/686/EEC on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which states that any armour sold to civilian users must be CE-approved.

Only Police and Military wearers are exempt from PPE legislation, and therefore all non-Police and Military wearers need CE-approved armour. Just get in touch if you have any queries on this or any other aspect of UK armour!

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Happy Halloween!!!!

We love the change of seasons at Keltic especially with all the exciting events it brings with them, so we wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! 

We’ve been treating ourselves to lovely Halloween inspired cakes and a few of us taking part in fancy dress parties for the occasion. 


Send in any funny pictures you want to share with us, we’d love to put them up on the blog!

Have a great one!

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Stab Vests: what to look out for when purchasing.

This article will outline what to look out for when purchasing stab vests, and what factors contribute to good or bad vests.

Weight and Flexibility


One key factor is weight. When your staff express that their vests are uncomfortable, very often what they mean is they are too heavy. Another concern is flexibility – if the vest is rigid or hardened it is much less likely to be comfortable. Flexible vests are also easier to manoeuvre in – therefore the wearer may find it easier to move away from threats.

Stab Vests



Furthermore, it’s crucial to purchase a stab vest which can be adjusted at multiple points. This means that the vest will move with the person wearing it, and offer no resistance. It’s important in this regard that your staff know how to use adjustable vests to their fullest. Good suppliers of stab vests – such as Keltic – will offer training for your staff free of charge to show them the basics of how to adjust and care for their anti stab vests.

If you’re interested in this then get in touch with one of our friendly staff members on 08450 66669. Alternatively make an online enquiry here.


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Keltic’s 7 styles of body armour

Our website contains lots of information about how to choose the right body armour for your staff, but today we’re blogging about a word that doesn’t crop up much when it comes to body armour – style!

When body armour first started being issued to police in the 1980s, back when it was rigid or hardened and very uncomfortable, there were only two styles available – the white “covert” style (worn under the shirt for concealed protection) and the black “overt” style – worn as the outermost garment. Although body armour materials are now much more flexible, allowing wearers to manoeuvre more easily away from threats, the majority of suppliers are still offering just the two styles, and even then they often have to be made to order rather than held in stock.

At Keltic, we believe having a choice is really important, so we’ve developed seven different styles of body armour, all held in stock for next day delivery. Whichever body armour supplier you go with, it’s essential to have a choice of styles and to get samples before you place your order, so you can try before you buy. We can’t stress enough that your staff need to be comfortable in their armour – this doesn’t just mean choosing comfortable flexible armour (rather than hardened armour) but also picking a style they’re happy with, to ensure that they don’t think twice about putting on their armour when it counts.

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