GQ’s designer of the year

Happy 2012 to everyone! This year is set to be even bigger than the last in our corporate wear department including plenty more fashion developments to keep us on our toes.

Picking up on the latest corporate wear uk and worldwide news, we wanted to comment on GQ’s designer of the year 2011 who was announced late last year, Tommy Hilfiger. Here is what GQ had to say “while many of his peers create an exclusive world into which they invite you, Hilfiger’s true genius has been to go out and sell the sartorial dream to the global Everyman.” Tommy Hilfiger himself says “preppy with an edge is what we have brought to the fashion business.”

We think this an excellent choice for fashion designer of the year and can’t wait to see what is in store in 2012. Keltic clothing’s design team have definitely taken inspiration for our range of corporatewear from Tommy Hilfiger and will continue to develop our new ranges with this in mind.

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New 2012 corporate suit developments inspired by high end fashion labels

Now we are nearing the end of another great year, 2012 is set to be even bigger for us with exciting developments to our corporate suit ranges.

All our corporate suits are inspired by latest trends and iconic styles regularly featured in the world of fashion, much like the latest Corgnelliani range of menswear. In the early part of next year we will be launching a brand new men’s 2 button front jacket into our very popular Performance Collection. With a striking stripe and much more fitted, modern approach, this is set to be a great hit – watch this space!

Any uniform suit we develop includes key fashion details to ensure your staff feel elegant in whatever they wear. With guaranteed performance woven into this, our uniform suits are nothing short of a revelation in the current market of workwear.

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Patrol Mitt Review

Our brand new Patrol Mitt waterproof gloves have been launched recently just in time for the cold weather. We have had a great review from a serving police constable in the UK who has worn the new waterproof mittens on foot patrol and whilst driving, also whilst out road running on some extremely cold mornings. See below for his great feedback.

waterproof glove

Our brand new waterproof mittens

“I found them very comfortable and snug. My first impressions were that there was simply a build up of heat from within the glove, almost as if I had some mini hand warmers in there.  It is quite unique and a bit difficult to describe. I thought that my hands would have been sweating, however when I removed the gloves, my hands felt fine and there was no moisture or sweat of any sort. They certainly keep the hands warm when required. I’m sure this has something to do with the three layers of fleece material contained within the waterproof glove.

On the top of the glove there is what I would call a small dome of fleece material which is fastened by velcro to the glove. In addition to this, the fingers of the glove have the top removed, in order that this fleece dome can be placed over the fingers when not requiring the fingers to be used for writing tickets or any other purpose.

On to the palm of the glove, the material is completely different from the rest of the glove. The palm is embossed with a rough, leather like material which allows for a very strong grip, even whilst driving. At the cuff area, there is a small tab which is handily placed when trying to pull the gloves on, also the cuff area is elasticated, but not too tightly meaning that you know your gloves are never going to slide off at any moment.

Over the last couple of days when the weather has been wintry I have been wearing the waterproof mitten at every opportunity to test out their waterproofing capabilities. I used them whilst scraping my car, walking the dog in the rain, shovelling salt etc. There was never any saturation of water or ice onto the glove and I found when using the mitts in these conditions there was still a continual build up of heat within as I have referred to earlier.

In summary I would say that the Patrol Mitt would be a very wise selection for anyone looking for a pair of reliable, warm thermal waterproof gloves in these cold winter months. From a police point of view, the fact that you can detach the fingers allowing easy access for writing is a definite selling point. These gloves signal a move away from a more traditional plain leather black glove and are a break from the norm. I would certainly recommend them”.

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Elle Style Awards 2011 – the winners!

Our corporate wear department never miss a beat when it comes to fashion news, and we couldn’t help but get excited to see the lines are now open for the Elle Style Awards for February 2012.

2011 has been a great year for fashion, and winners for the 2011 awards includes icons such as Tom Ford who won International Designer of the year, Christopher Kane Courtney who won best British Designer, Coco Rocha for Best Model and Style Icon the young Emma Watson. These winners and many more were celebrated this year for their great contribution to the world of fashion.

We believe corporatewear is all about fashion and feeling great in what you wear. Our unique approach allows us to bring the world of fashion into our ranges whilst being durable and great quality for the corporate wear UK working market.

Keep posted for more great corporatewear UK and international news on fashion and be the first to hear about our exciting new developments.

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Security Clothing; The Patrol Anorak Ideal For Winter!

The countdown to Christmas has now begun, with only a week to go I’m sure all staff working outside are feeling the chill. Find your ideal security clothes this winter starting with our Patrol Anorak.

clothing security

Security Clothing this winter

A key part to any security guards uniform in the winter is a warm, insulated jacket: Our Patrol anorak is ideal. This comes available as a 3-in-1 garment which includes the zip out patrol fleece, 8 times more waterproof than the highest level of waterproofness and many more times more breathable than the highest breathability at EN343.

This winter clothing for security comes complete with all the features for security staff including epaulettes, mesh lining, two radio chest pocket, radio loops and much more. Ideal for the winter it also includes a higher shaped collar for maximum warmth and weather protection.

Warm and insulated garments are always ideal for dealing with uncertain temperatures. We will continue to blog on further security clothing and equipment to ensure you get the ideal security clothing this winter.

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Full page parking review feature on ideal Warden Uniform!

Winter months are unpredictable; we could experience the harsh snow of last year or a complete wash out.  This winter we can help your Civil Enforcement Officers with our great range of warden uniforms designed to tackle all weather conditions.

“Our new Patrol Jackets have industry-leading test results for waterproofing, breathability and reflectiveness, and they come in 30 colours from stock”. This is just one of the many enforcement uniforms we supply that keep your CEO’s warm and dry.

enforcement uniforms advice

Warden Uniform Parking Review

Our full page review includes all the information on providing a brand new enforcement uniform for your staff and the details can also be found on our Uniform Department page.

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Smart Company Jackets this winter

With only 2 weeks till Christmas, the winter chill has definitely arrived. It can sometimes be difficult to create a smart and sophisticated look when wrapping up from the cold weather but with our corporate jackets your uniform can look pristine and well presented, whilst still keeping you warm.

Corporate jackets this winter

Company Jackets this winter

Our Lindale trench coat is a great example and the design has incorporated latest fashion developments to keep up to date with fashion trends, such as in the new Armani autumn/winter collection of corporate coats.

Ideal for staff that are out on the road, sales teams and events, we can offer an ideal corporate jacket for your staff both the ladies Lindale and matching men’s whipcord coat.

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Magnum Strider field-tested for water resistance

Magnum shoes UK

Magnum Strider Boot

A police Constable in the North reviewed our brand new Magnum Strider boots for a week whilst completing the tough day to day duties that police officers face. Hot off the press from our Magnum strider shoe, our boots are set to be a complete success.

Here’s what he had to say about the excellent waterproofing qualities of the magnum Strider boot.

“During the week long test, there was one day of continuing heavy rainfall. I had the pleasure of having to walk through a couple of fields which were extremely saturated. I was the only one who came out of the other end with dry feet; I took great pleasure of explaining the benefits of the Strider boot’s technology to my colleagues.”

This technology is that of the Ion mask which offers a breathable and waterproof covering that allows the boot to repel water, dirt and chemicals whilst being easy to clean and be quick drying.

For more information on our Magnum shoes and boots or if you are interested in providing your own review, please call us on 08450 66 66 99 – we’d love to hear from you!

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Full Page Parking Review Feature for winter accessories!

The winter snow began to fall in Scotland over the weekend and it may just be coming our way. Enjoy Keltic Clothing’s full page parking review feature which gives plenty of ideas to help civil enforcement officer uniforms this winter. We have introduced our brand new coiled snow grips which are ten times as effective along with our new Patrol Mitt.

civil enforcement officer uniform

Civil enforcement officer uniform help this winter

Civil Enforcements Officers have to carry on working whatever the weather; we hope our brand new winter accessories are an ideal addition to the civil enforcement officer uniform.

These items can be found on our Uniform Department page, and the first 50 local authorities to call will qualify for a FREE SAMPLE of the brand new Patrol Mitt – call 08450 66 66 99 and ask for Vicki for further details.

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West Midlands SCP Trade Fair – A great Success!

Last week Keltic attended the West Midlands Regional group meeting in Solihull.  Alongside the meeting we took part in a Trade Fair with a few more school Crossing Patrol uniform suppliers.  This was a great idea, hosted by Coral Holloway of Dudley Metropolitan Council held at Solihull Council.  We can’t thank Coral and Kim Stone from Solihull Council enough for their hospitality!

School Crossing Patrol Clothing

School Crossing Patrol Uniform Draw

We had some great feedback on some of our school crossing patrol wear, for example, really positive comments on our waterproof black SCP gloves and the cupcakes went down really well.  Keltic held a prize draw to win a bottle of Champagne. Our Director David Barry gave us the honour of pulling the lucky name out of the box.  Congratulations to the lucky winner, Tina Green from Worcestershire County Council.

We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone that attended for making us feel welcome and all the positive feedback we received, we hope to see you all again soon!

Don’t forget our festive offer of a FREE wearer trial of any of our school crossing patrol clothing, please call Serena or Laura on 08450 66 66 99 to arrange your free trial.

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