Road Safety GB Conference

To everyone who attended the Road Safety GB conference in Chester last week, we would like to thank you for a fantastic 2 days!

Road Safety GB Conference

The conference was very informative and the speakers were superb (the food and entertainment at the dinner was also superb!).  It was great to talk to you all in the exhibition – we really enjoyed meeting everyone and taking part.  Our STOP sign cupcakes created a bit of a buzz too – check out our photos!!

School Crossing Patrol Cupcakes

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BRAKE road safety week in the West Midlands

We’re very proud of our Corporate Partnership with BRAKE who as you know this week have launched Road Safety Week! Road Safety week is an annual event, now in its 15th Year.

Young people, victims of young drivers crashes and emergency services are launching Road Safety week through demonstrations showing the horror of road crashes.

We put a significant amount of our profits back in to road safety. we’re delighted to be able to help Brake to achieve their objectives of cutting road deaths and injuries.

Casualty statistics revealed by Brake today show that a young person is killed on Roads in the West Midlands every week.  Every 18 hours, a young person suffers a serious injury that in many cases can be life changing.  There are 4 main causes of road deaths concerning young people are drink, drugs, speed and seatbelts.

Families in the West Midlands who have lost loved ones in devastating young driver crashes are calling for action on the biggest killer of young people at the launch of Road Safety Week.

BRAKE is demanding government action to tackle these needless casualties.  They are doing this by highlighting evidence that “graduated driver licensing”, including a minimum learning to drive period, and restrictions for novices, would prevent 200 deaths and thousands of injuries each year.

Emergency services, local authorities, colleges and other agencies are taking part in the Week to get the message across about the horror of road crashes.  Keltic are urging everybody to get involved, to find out more about how to get involved, please follow the link below:

Guidance for organisations

To find out more about BRAKE, Read Brake’s campaign calls.


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Prismatic Tape – The Only Option When it Comes to Safety?

As we all know, it’s Road Safety Week, and as a corporate partner of Brake, we’ll be blogging all week in support of the fantastic work they do. At Keltic, we put a significant amount of our profits back in to road safety. In line with Brake’s road safety messages, we thought we would take this opportunity to highlight some new reflective tape technology that we feel should be more widely used in our industry.

Our School Crossing Patrol do such a great job keeping our children safe, and their high visibility jackets obviously contribute to this. What we find exciting is that a new garment tape technology – prismatic tape – is now available which allows wearers to be seen up to 7 times further away than glass bead tape. Glass bead tape is the older, less reflective ‘plain’ looking silver tape that can still be seen on many garments.

Just as exciting is the fact that prismatic tape also retains its reflectivity for the lifetime of the garment and gives exceptional performance in the rain. With the older technology (glass bead), tests show that the glass beads wear off over time and with washing, so the reflective values drop dramatically after wearing and washing which is clearly a concern.

The reflectiveness of glass bead tape is also dramatically reduced in the rain. At last week’s Road Safety GB conference, we demonstrated how glass bead tape ‘blacks out’ in areas where rain hits it. With the amount of rain we get in this country, and the fact that school crossing patrol staff work in all weathers, that’s also a concern.

With this in mind, should all School Crossing Patrol’s be wearing  Prismatic Tape?


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Create a fashion statement with our Aprilla Jacket

When developing our latest ranges of corporate wear, we take much inspiration from the same sources as well known brands such as Ralph Lauren and GQ. We develop fashion ranges ideal for the workwear market for everyday use at affordable prices, making us unique in the corporate wear uk sector. Inspirations from the latest Ralph Lauren collection include wider lapels and curved shapes as featured in our very popular Aprilla Jacket.

Corporate wear uk

Our Aprilla Jacket is a very stylish 1 button fitted jacket with a very striking multi stripe. Much like the suiting collection featured in Ralph Lauren, our Aprilla Jacket has been developed with high end fashion in mind to ensure your look is key when selecting your corporatewear.

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Magnum Strider Boot review

Following on from the success of our Magnum strider shoe, we have now launched our brand new Magnum Strider boot. We have had a fantastic review sent in by Peter, a Response Police Constable in the UK highlighting the benefits of our brand new boot:


Magnum Strider

Magnum Shoes Review

I was allocated a pair of Magnum Strider boots by Keltic Clothing in order that a field test review could be conducted, in all sorts of conditions to establish the suitability of the boot for civil enforcement and parking officers who are on their feet all day. I am currently a serving police officer in the UK and over the past week, the boots were put through their paces, throughout a number of scenarios and weather conditions!

When I first tried on the boot, I was pleasantly surprised, it actually felt more like slippers. I had a small walk around in them on hard flooring and you couldn’t really hear the sole of the boot making contact with the surface, in direct comparison to the loud, clunky noise of some types.

I wore the boots for work and did not experience any problems whatsoever from a comfort viewpoint. I take my choice of footwear very seriously and found them extremely responsive when driving vehicles, the sole does not have any mouldings of the sole design sticking out, getting caught in the pedals or anything like that.

The first day I had chance to wear the boots operationally was quite warm and I didn’t notice any increase in temperature of my feet. In relation to their comfort while walking, it isn’t something that becomes an issue. I actually forgot that I was wearing them until someone asked me if I was wearing new boots! A number of personnel remarked on their professional look.

The boot is a mid height boot, i.e. it covers just above the ankle bone. It has two normal eyelets for laces at the bottom of the boot, as you get near the tongue I would describe them as two hooks, which allows for the laces to be locked in place, keeping the tongue secure. Yet again, something so small, but you don’t have to worry about your laces coming undone at any vital moment.

It has what I would call a casing, reinforcing the heel of the Magnum shoes, which means more security for the wearer. This small piece of design makes all the difference and helps to prevent ankle pain / soreness. At no point did I feel that the movement of my foot was restricted within the boot. It makes the foot feel secure, however still allows for a little movement. I found that the insoles are extremely comfortable and have an excellent cooling factor, again pointing back to the fact that my feet remained cool the first day I wore the boots, despite the warm weather.

After my test of these boots, I am of the opinion that these boots are suitable for ANYONE. I know that the boots have a targeted audience of Civil Enforcement Officers Security Officers and other similar positions however I would encourage anyone who is on their feet for long periods each day, enjoys walking or gentle hiking to invest in a pair of these boots. You can be safe in the knowledge that they are extremely comfortable, completely waterproof and very stylish.

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Magnum Strider Boot runs half marathon!

Last Sunday, Keltic Clothing Director David Barry ran the 13mile Bupa great Birmingham run, a fantastic charity event, and with the help of the Keltic staff, raised £500 for BRAKE, the road safety charity.

Magnum Boots charity run

Magnum Boot success in charity run

Next week, Keltic launches the magnum strider boot, which is manufactured by magnum footwear, who is owned by hi tec, and uses trainer technology for the first time in a uniform boot.

Many parking, security and warden staff walk up to 13 miles- the equivalent of a half marathon- every shift- and so to show just how comfortable these new magnum boots are, David ran the Birmingham half marathon in them!

The proof of how comfortable, lightweight and breathable the magnum strider boot is is that David finished the run in exactly the same time as last year, when he was wearing his £130 Nike Air Max running trainers!

Following on from the success of the Magnum Strider shoe, Keltic Clothing is launching the Magnum Strider boot, priced at £66.95, next week.  It has all the features that have made the shoe such a phenomenal success, but includes additional ankle support, and because it covers the ankle, it gives extra water resistance too.

David comments “the strider boot felt great to run in- it’s so lightweight and breathable I could hardly tell I was wearing them.” This bodes well for the thousands of parking, warden and security staff who will be issued with the magnum boot as part of their uniform. At Keltic we certainly like to put our money where our mouth is!

We all want to say well done to David for his great efforts and look forward to hearing what his next charity effort will be!

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Ideal corporate knitwear fashion for the winter

Ideal for the winter months ahead, a great trend we spotted in the latest edition of Elle was teaming up a chunky roll neck jumper with a fitted pencil skirt.

corporate knitwear ideas

Company sweaters on trend

This simple but very fashionable look can be created with our very own stock roll neck corporate jumpers and brand new Vienna skirt providing a practical uniform for your working day that is also very on trend.

If you follow fashion in your own wardrobe, why not do the same with your uniforms!

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New corporate suit collection interprets latest fashion trends

Jared Leto has landed a modelling contract with Hugo Boss, and in the latest issue of GQ

he’s wearing a rather fetching slim-lapel suit, much like our own Milan Jacket. Our Milan Jacket also includes a number of other key details such as a ticket pocket.

Our Corporate Wear Department interpret the latest fashions from the catwalk and the high end retail brands into fabrics and styles that will perform and last when worn as part of a work uniform. We’re really proud of our latest collection; the Europa Collection of corporate suits, which we think achieves this perfectly.

Fashion isn’t just for women and our full range of male uniform suits have been designed to offer fashionable styles and choices, to create workwear suits you feel both comfortable and confident wearing.

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School Crossing Patrol: The Technical Stuff! – Part 2

What does the law say about your school crossing patrol uniform? Next on our list is school crossing patrol headwear.

School crossing patrol uniforms

School crossing patrol headwear

The law states that every school crossing patrol warden must  follow these guidelines:

  • School Crossing Patrol Wardens must wear a peaked hat, a beret, or alternative headwear for religious reasons.

Some wardens choose to wear the more formal wear hats while others prefer a more relaxed alternative like a baseball cap or trappers hat.  Either way suitable headwear is a must!

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Corporate blouses: the Pescara blouse a big hit this autumn!

If autumn isn’t vibrant enough for you, why not add a splash of additional colour this season with our very striking striped Pescara blouse.  Flying off the shelves, our very flattering company blouses have caught the eye of many of our customers and provided a very fashionable and comfortable alternative to our plain colour styles.

Company blouses

Ladies Corporate Blouses this Autumn

The Pescara blouse was launched earlier this year, and we’ve already sold many thousands to organizations as varied as councils, hotels and surgeries.  It’s now doing better than ever, along with its matching long sleeve alternative which is ideal for when the colder weather approaches.

Patterns and stripes have been all the rage this year, and our ladies corporate blouses will not let you down on comfort or fashion.



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