Magnum Strider Boot review

Following on from the success of our Magnum strider shoe, we have now launched our brand new Magnum Strider boot. We have had a fantastic review sent in by Peter, a Response Police Constable in the UK highlighting the benefits of our brand new boot:


Magnum Strider

Magnum Shoes Review

I was allocated a pair of Magnum Strider boots by Keltic Clothing in order that a field test review could be conducted, in all sorts of conditions to establish the suitability of the boot for civil enforcement and parking officers who are on their feet all day. I am currently a serving police officer in the UK and over the past week, the boots were put through their paces, throughout a number of scenarios and weather conditions!

When I first tried on the boot, I was pleasantly surprised, it actually felt more like slippers. I had a small walk around in them on hard flooring and you couldn’t really hear the sole of the boot making contact with the surface, in direct comparison to the loud, clunky noise of some types.

I wore the boots for work and did not experience any problems whatsoever from a comfort viewpoint. I take my choice of footwear very seriously and found them extremely responsive when driving vehicles, the sole does not have any mouldings of the sole design sticking out, getting caught in the pedals or anything like that.

The first day I had chance to wear the boots operationally was quite warm and I didn’t notice any increase in temperature of my feet. In relation to their comfort while walking, it isn’t something that becomes an issue. I actually forgot that I was wearing them until someone asked me if I was wearing new boots! A number of personnel remarked on their professional look.

The boot is a mid height boot, i.e. it covers just above the ankle bone. It has two normal eyelets for laces at the bottom of the boot, as you get near the tongue I would describe them as two hooks, which allows for the laces to be locked in place, keeping the tongue secure. Yet again, something so small, but you don’t have to worry about your laces coming undone at any vital moment.

It has what I would call a casing, reinforcing the heel of the Magnum shoes, which means more security for the wearer. This small piece of design makes all the difference and helps to prevent ankle pain / soreness. At no point did I feel that the movement of my foot was restricted within the boot. It makes the foot feel secure, however still allows for a little movement. I found that the insoles are extremely comfortable and have an excellent cooling factor, again pointing back to the fact that my feet remained cool the first day I wore the boots, despite the warm weather.

After my test of these boots, I am of the opinion that these boots are suitable for ANYONE. I know that the boots have a targeted audience of Civil Enforcement Officers Security Officers and other similar positions however I would encourage anyone who is on their feet for long periods each day, enjoys walking or gentle hiking to invest in a pair of these boots. You can be safe in the knowledge that they are extremely comfortable, completely waterproof and very stylish.

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Magnum Strider Boot runs half marathon!

Last Sunday, Keltic Clothing Director David Barry ran the 13mile Bupa great Birmingham run, a fantastic charity event, and with the help of the Keltic staff, raised £500 for BRAKE, the road safety charity.

Magnum Boots charity run

Magnum Boot success in charity run

Next week, Keltic launches the magnum strider boot, which is manufactured by magnum footwear, who is owned by hi tec, and uses trainer technology for the first time in a uniform boot.

Many parking, security and warden staff walk up to 13 miles- the equivalent of a half marathon- every shift- and so to show just how comfortable these new magnum boots are, David ran the Birmingham half marathon in them!

The proof of how comfortable, lightweight and breathable the magnum strider boot is is that David finished the run in exactly the same time as last year, when he was wearing his £130 Nike Air Max running trainers!

Following on from the success of the Magnum Strider shoe, Keltic Clothing is launching the Magnum Strider boot, priced at £66.95, next week.  It has all the features that have made the shoe such a phenomenal success, but includes additional ankle support, and because it covers the ankle, it gives extra water resistance too.

David comments “the strider boot felt great to run in- it’s so lightweight and breathable I could hardly tell I was wearing them.” This bodes well for the thousands of parking, warden and security staff who will be issued with the magnum boot as part of their uniform. At Keltic we certainly like to put our money where our mouth is!

We all want to say well done to David for his great efforts and look forward to hearing what his next charity effort will be!

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Ideal corporate knitwear fashion for the winter

Ideal for the winter months ahead, a great trend we spotted in the latest edition of Elle was teaming up a chunky roll neck jumper with a fitted pencil skirt.

corporate knitwear ideas

Company sweaters on trend

This simple but very fashionable look can be created with our very own stock roll neck corporate jumpers and brand new Vienna skirt providing a practical uniform for your working day that is also very on trend.

If you follow fashion in your own wardrobe, why not do the same with your uniforms!

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New corporate suit collection interprets latest fashion trends

Jared Leto has landed a modelling contract with Hugo Boss, and in the latest issue of GQ

he’s wearing a rather fetching slim-lapel suit, much like our own Milan Jacket. Our Milan Jacket also includes a number of other key details such as a ticket pocket.

Our Corporate Wear Department interpret the latest fashions from the catwalk and the high end retail brands into fabrics and styles that will perform and last when worn as part of a work uniform. We’re really proud of our latest collection; the Europa Collection of corporate suits, which we think achieves this perfectly.

Fashion isn’t just for women and our full range of male uniform suits have been designed to offer fashionable styles and choices, to create workwear suits you feel both comfortable and confident wearing.

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School Crossing Patrol: The Technical Stuff! – Part 2

What does the law say about your school crossing patrol uniform? Next on our list is school crossing patrol headwear.

School crossing patrol uniforms

School crossing patrol headwear

The law states that every school crossing patrol warden must  follow these guidelines:

  • School Crossing Patrol Wardens must wear a peaked hat, a beret, or alternative headwear for religious reasons.

Some wardens choose to wear the more formal wear hats while others prefer a more relaxed alternative like a baseball cap or trappers hat.  Either way suitable headwear is a must!

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Corporate blouses: the Pescara blouse a big hit this autumn!

If autumn isn’t vibrant enough for you, why not add a splash of additional colour this season with our very striking striped Pescara blouse.  Flying off the shelves, our very flattering company blouses have caught the eye of many of our customers and provided a very fashionable and comfortable alternative to our plain colour styles.

Company blouses

Ladies Corporate Blouses this Autumn

The Pescara blouse was launched earlier this year, and we’ve already sold many thousands to organizations as varied as councils, hotels and surgeries.  It’s now doing better than ever, along with its matching long sleeve alternative which is ideal for when the colder weather approaches.

Patterns and stripes have been all the rage this year, and our ladies corporate blouses will not let you down on comfort or fashion.



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Uniform wear required outside of working hours

A recent story by the BBC covers the very interesting story regarding uniform clothing and the importance of its role. It’s been suggested that police officers should wear their uniforms on the way to and from work to increase police visibility and increase public reassurance.

It’s been suggested that more awareness of Police Officers in public, such as on buses and trains, will be a “key strategic priority” going forward which helps in the visibility and availability of officers.

uniform clothes

Uniform clothing under spotlight

This story has caused much debate among officers and the public. Many have claimed that because most officers’ travel to work by car, the change would not have that much impact, and most importantly if an incident were to arise, whilst they will be in uniform clothes they will not have the protective equipment needed with them or the back up support.

This story brings to light the importance of uniform wear  it shows the impact a uniform can make on public perception and on society in general. It’s great to see uniform clothing being a hot topic once again! Keep updated with further uniform clothing news each week on our blog.

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Staff uniforms on the way to being 100% recycled

Following on from our Olympics recycled uniform blog earlier this month, another great staff uniform story has caught our attention.

At Keltic, we are keen to move forward with recycling and help make our environment a much cleaner and friendly place to be, so we note with interest that the UK’s largest fast food chain McDonalds  will from 2012 be introducing 100% recycled uniforms in time for the London Olympics .

The story reported by the Guardian claims the restaurant “has been hitting back with a series of green and social initiatives” and has created “a uniform design model for the future which others can follow.”

We can all learn from this example and begin to think of the environmental impact of staff clothing, rather than it being just a uniform.

For further corporate clothing developments, keep posted!

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Welcome to our brand new Funeral Wear Department

As expert suppliers of formal clothing, Keltic have been tailoring uniforms and accessories for a wide range of organisations, from Five star hotels to prestigious office developments for over 20 years. After 12 months’ extensive research and development, including speaking with over a hundred UK funeral directors about their clothing requirements, we are delighted to announce that we have just launched our new funeral wear range. We feel that our renowned service standards, superb garment quality and attention to detail really has something  new to offer for funeral directors of all sizes.

Funeral wear range

Keltic launch Funeral Clothing

The funeral market is a very important sector and it’s extremely important to create the most smart and approachable image possible.  Our funeral clothes range from jackets, trousers and shirts through to more specialist items including top hats, frock coats and tails.

Our specialist service also includes bespoke manufacturing of garments, alternations for specific needs and incredibly unique items no other sector currently has.

We stand alone from other funeral wear specialists by our unique approach to uniforms. From years of experience, our team will be able to guide you through the process of selecting funeral clothing for your staff.

For further information enjoy browsing through our webpage or contact us to speak to an advisor.

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Olympic uniforms made from recycled material – is this the way forward for corporate workwear?

To celebrate 323 days to go until the London Olympic Games 2012 we spotted a very interesting story in relation to the new Olympic uniforms for 2012. Plans are to be put in place for the new corporate work wear to be made from recycled material including special recycled shoes, buttons and drinking bottles to be the first 100% recycled bottle in the world.

We find this to be an exciting story within the workwear and corporate clothing sector as going green and recycling is the way to go for the future.  We may even see future developments in corporate workwear whereby off the shelf uniforms will be made in more ‘green’ ways.

The Chief executive Herbert Hainer for the Olympic Games has said that ‘Every product within the volunteer staff and the torch relay and within the village will have recycled material.’ Who knows what the future holds for corporate workwear uk products if these recycled uniforms are a success for the Games.

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