How Useful is Road Safety Education in Schools?

Happy Children

The summer months are approaching and the days are getting longer. This is children’s favourite time of year. They can more easily play outside, walk to friends’ houses and maybe even make their own way to and from school. But what kids don’t think about are the dangers inherent in these activities. Each year, and particularly in the summer months, an unacceptable amount of children are hit by cars in Britain. According to recent research , road accidents account for a third of accidental deaths among 0-14-year-olds and over half of accidental deaths for 5-14-year-olds. Tragically, many of these deaths are avoidable. The answer is road safety education. This article will discuss how road safety education in schools can significantly reduce the frequency of these incidents, and improve the safety and wellbeing of children in Britain.

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Branded Corporate Clothing: Still an Effective Marketing Tool?

In 2011 we published an article about the effectiveness of branded corporate clothing as a marketing tool. We referenced a study which found that 74.4% of uniform programs provide better marketing than modern tools such as the internet and TV ads. Five years have passed since this article, and internet marketing has exploded. Bearing this in mind we thought it would be interesting to see how branded wear is faring as a marketing tool in 2016.

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Switching to Recycled Ties

Recycling and preserving the environment is a rising concern for everyone. Whether we’re at home, at work or out shopping we see signs and prompts that advise us how to do our bit to conserve the world we live in and reduce unnecessary waste. In order to help push forwards to a greener future, over the past year Keltic has taken some new steps towards waste reduction. We’ll share them with you here and also advise on how you can make small changes that make a big difference to the environment.
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Uniform Trouser Trends – Slim Leg vs. Wide Leg

Ladies Slim Fit Whitechapel Trouser and Ladies Wide Fit Dorchester Trouser side by side

Whether male or female, trousers are a part of the 21st century modern day life. For many, a staple pair of trousers or two are the go-to fashion item when dressing to impress. Men have been wearing varying forms of trousers since the medieval period; these have developed over time to now become one of the most commonly worn items of clothing for men. In comparison, only in the past century did the western world start adapting to and accepting the trend of wearing trousers as a choice over dresses and skirts for women. Post World War II led us to start integrating the female trouser as an acceptable item of clothing. It is only during the past 30-40 years, however, that the casual trouser and the uniform trouser have been integrated in to everyday clothing.
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The Importance of Wearing a Workwear Suit

Cassino Mid Blue Suit from Sophisticated Suit Collection

Though it seems Spring is on the horizon, the temperatures aren’t quite there yet and cold weather definitely isn’t taking a hike any time soon. With the cold winds and frosty mornings we are feeling thankful for our workwear suit jackets at the moment. With a few new suits being released in our range this year, it’s got us thinking how important wearing a suit can be and the affect this has on perceptions.

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Why Ladies Office Uniform Is A Smart Move | New Crepe De Chine Blouse

Image of Crepe De Chine Riola Blouse in White

The decision of whether a ladies office uniform is required in the workplace is one we hear about time after time. Staff uniforms have always been simple for men, whether there is a strict dress code or not does not particularly matter, just smart trousers and a shirt usually does the trick. Disparities in colour or style are relatively slight. Ladies can face an entirely different battle, however. There’s a seemingly endless choice when it comes to trousers, skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets, shoes and coats.  Even when you’ve decided on the perfect route to go down there are so many styles and options available that getting dressed in the morning can actually be quite stressful!
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Christmas Jumper Day (Text Santa)


Keltic staff wearing their Christmas Jumpers for Text Santa

Today we’ve been sporting our bright and colourful Christmas jumpers in aid of the Text Santa charity appeal. Each year businesses and schools alike are encouraged to take part by wearing their best Christmas jumper during the day and making a small contribution to do so. Fundraising activities are also very popular with everything from cake sales to sponsored tasks.

The proceeds from the day are split between three charities – Make A Wish UK, Save the Children and Macmillan Cancer Support, all great charities which many of us can relate to in some way.

This year we’ve run a few fundraising games to push our total fundraising amount up.

At this point we’d like to take the time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This year has been one of great developments for us and our customers. We look forward to working with you in 2016!

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Keltic Christmas Party

ticket for Keltic Christmas Party

Once again it’s the time of year for celebrations and plenty of wonderful food. Hasn’t it come around quickly?! Last Friday we had our Keltic Christmas party at the ICC in Birmingham. This years theme was ‘The Hollywood Ball.’ We had a great night with amazing food, entertainment and of course some Christmas drinks!
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Street Feet kits: Road Safety GB Conference

Street Feet road safety gb images

On 18th-19th November we attended the Road Safety GB conference in Nottingham, and what a successful two days it was! With a lot of interest in our stand we got to speak to some lovely people over the course of the event, getting great feedback on our products.

Street Feet


This year we promoted our very popular Street Feet kit, which is the ideal educational resource for Road Safety Training. The kit models real life roads and crossings to allow children to practice route planning and road navigation in a safe environment.  It features role-play tabards that help children to understand crossings, lights and signs, and destination mats with which to practice navigation. It’s something that we’re really proud of. To learn more about it just click here.

And Now The Important Bit… Free Food!


As with every year at the conference we had the opportunity to meet some wonderful new people whilst catching up with some more familiar faces. To everyone we handed out our edible lollipop signs along with our Road Safety themed cookies. They went down a storm! After several requests from our loyal customers we are looking to bring back the ever popular cupcakes next year!



Thank you to everyone who visited our stand and we hope to see you all again next year!

Over to You


Were you at the conference? Or do you have any questions about our street feet kits? We’d love to hear your comments below. Or you can ring us on 08450 66 66 99. Alternatively make an online enquiry here.







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New Mens Funeral Wear Overcoat

Following on from our announcement of the Ladies Funeral Overcoat, we’re thrilled to introduce the brand new Men’s Funeral Overcoat. This is a garment that we are especially pleased with. Pictured here alongside the ladies overcoat, the shape is simple yet stylish and will perfectly compliment your uniform look.

Bond Burlington Funeral Overcoat

Funeral Overcoat: Try Before You Buy

We know how frustrating it can be to purchase an item which, when you receive it, just isn’t quite right. Sure, in the brochure, the garments all look great on the models, but different styles can suit different people. That’s why we always offer ‘Try Before You Buy’. We always keep a large quantity of stock and a wide range of sizes available so that we can send out samples very quickly. Let us know what sizes you’d like to try and you’ll receive them within 3-5 working days. We offer free collections on samples, unless of course you love the overcoat so much you wish to purchase it!

Why Not Give it a Go

The process is simple, just give one of our friendly sales advisors a call on 08450 66 66 99. Alternatively make an online enquiry here. If you have purchased any of our funeral wear and have any comments then we would absolutely love to hear them. Please leave them below!

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