Uniform wear required outside of working hours

A recent story by the BBC covers the very interesting story regarding uniform clothing and the importance of its role. It’s been suggested that police officers should wear their uniforms on the way to and from work to increase police visibility and increase public reassurance.

It’s been suggested that more awareness of Police Officers in public, such as on buses and trains, will be a “key strategic priority” going forward which helps in the visibility and availability of officers.

uniform clothes

Uniform clothing under spotlight

This story has caused much debate among officers and the public. Many have claimed that because most officers’ travel to work by car, the change would not have that much impact, and most importantly if an incident were to arise, whilst they will be in uniform clothes they will not have the protective equipment needed with them or the back up support.

This story brings to light the importance of uniform wear  it shows the impact a uniform can make on public perception and on society in general. It’s great to see uniform clothing being a hot topic once again! Keep updated with further uniform clothing news each week on our blog.

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Staff uniforms on the way to being 100% recycled

Following on from our Olympics recycled uniform blog earlier this month, another great staff uniform story has caught our attention.

At Keltic, we are keen to move forward with recycling and help make our environment a much cleaner and friendly place to be, so we note with interest that the UK’s largest fast food chain McDonalds  will from 2012 be introducing 100% recycled uniforms in time for the London Olympics .

The story reported by the Guardian claims the restaurant “has been hitting back with a series of green and social initiatives” and has created “a uniform design model for the future which others can follow.”

We can all learn from this example and begin to think of the environmental impact of staff clothing, rather than it being just a uniform.

For further corporate clothing developments, keep posted!

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Welcome to our brand new Funeral Wear Department

As expert suppliers of formal clothing, Keltic have been tailoring uniforms and accessories for a wide range of organisations, from Five star hotels to prestigious office developments for over 20 years. After 12 months’ extensive research and development, including speaking with over a hundred UK funeral directors about their clothing requirements, we are delighted to announce that we have just launched our new funeral wear range. We feel that our renowned service standards, superb garment quality and attention to detail really has something  new to offer for funeral directors of all sizes.

Funeral wear range

Keltic launch Funeral Clothing

The funeral market is a very important sector and it’s extremely important to create the most smart and approachable image possible.  Our funeral clothes range from jackets, trousers and shirts through to more specialist items including top hats, frock coats and tails.

Our specialist service also includes bespoke manufacturing of garments, alternations for specific needs and incredibly unique items no other sector currently has.

We stand alone from other funeral wear specialists by our unique approach to uniforms. From years of experience, our team will be able to guide you through the process of selecting funeral clothing for your staff.

For further information enjoy browsing through our webpage or contact us to speak to an advisor.

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Olympic uniforms made from recycled material – is this the way forward for corporate workwear?

To celebrate 323 days to go until the London Olympic Games 2012 we spotted a very interesting story in relation to the new Olympic uniforms for 2012. Plans are to be put in place for the new corporate work wear to be made from recycled material including special recycled shoes, buttons and drinking bottles to be the first 100% recycled bottle in the world.

We find this to be an exciting story within the workwear and corporate clothing sector as going green and recycling is the way to go for the future.  We may even see future developments in corporate workwear whereby off the shelf uniforms will be made in more ‘green’ ways.

The Chief executive Herbert Hainer for the Olympic Games has said that ‘Every product within the volunteer staff and the torch relay and within the village will have recycled material.’ Who knows what the future holds for corporate workwear uk products if these recycled uniforms are a success for the Games.

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School Crossing Patrol: The technical Stuff! – Part 1

What does the law say about your school crossing patrol uniform?  Well, let’s start with the coats.

school crossing patrol uniform

School Crossing Patrol Jacket – The Facts

The law states that every school crossing patrol coat (summer or winter) must follow these guidelines:

  • A knee length outer garment with full length sleeves, consisting of no more than two fluorescent colours covering the whole outer area of the garment (but may include non fluorescent *trimmings).
  • The Garment shall be certified, by a Notified Body, to the highest Class of the standard for “High Visibility Warning Clothing”, currently Class 3 BS.EN471:2003+A1 2007 or future ISO 20471 equivalent.
  • The garment is to include a retro-reflective tape configuration of at least two bands on the torso and one, 50mm band, not greater than 300mm from the hem of the body.
  • The retro reflective tape must not exceed a 15° angle.

Don’t forget to keep up to date with the important stuff, check our blog next month for Part 2 of “What does the law say about your school crossing patrol uniform”


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Uniform rules ok? Boy defies “no shorts” rule & wears a skirt!

Here’s a light-hearted story for a Friday. A 12 year old boy has launched a one-man campaign for justice by defying school uniform rules that outlawed shorts and wearing a skirt to school!

The young man borrowed his 11-year-old sister Joanna’s skirt, complaining that “I realised short skirts are allowed but shorts are not, which means there is something wrong in the rules and it should be changed. I thought I could use this silly loophole to my advantage.” We doubt that his own particular brand of political protest made him that popular with his mates, but this discussion of uniforms certainly caught the eye of the Sky News.

The sight of a line of po-faced young lads holding up banners proclaiming “Cool shorts not hot pants” and “”What’s wrong with my legs?” certainly amused us and put us in a jovial mood for the weekend, which is set to be a sunny one according to the weatherman.

Have a great bank holiday weekend, and we’ll be blogging again early next week on the topic of uniforms uk and worldwide.

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How to care for your office suits

Below are our great tips on the care and cleaning of your suits. By following these easy care instructions, you will guarantee to maintain the looks of your tailored office suit.

Office suit

care for your Office suits

For weekly care always rotate your garments. After each wear, brush your jacket and hang it up on a hanger that fits the shoulders.



Washcare instructions for your office suits:

1. Empty all pockets and remove any badges from your jacket.  Place garments into the washing machine with garments made from the same fabric and colour only.

2.  Machine wash as wool on 30degree setting and short spin cycle.

3.  Remove Garments immediately from the machine when the wash is finished.

4.  To Dry: place the jacket back on the hanger; shake into shape by gently straightening the seams.

5. Fold the trousers to the front creases and hang on a separate hanger.

6. Allow both garments to dry naturally.

7. Do not tumble dry.

Finishing: If required, press the garments using a cool iron over a damp cloth.

We recommend washing your office suit jacket between 4-6 times per year.  If your jacket is badly stained you should have it professionally dry cleaned.  Washing and cleaning too often will reduce the life of all clothing.

It is a good idea to have your jacket pressed professionally at the dry cleaners once a year to reinvigorate the jacket and give it that factory finished look it had when new.

We hope this advice comes in useful, for further information on our office suits or further garments feel free to contact us – were here to help!


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Public demand traffic wardens back!

There are certainly some strong opinions out there when it comes to traffic wardens – but the positive aspects of their job, such as their contribution to keeping traffic moving, are rarely acknowledged.

Aberystwyth on the Welsh coast is an interesting case study in what would happen without traffic wardens, or civil enforcement officers (CEOs) as they’re now known. The Police have recently handed over the enforcement of parking infringements to the Council – however it will take up to one year for the Council to put the new CEOs in place. As a result, there is no one enforcing parking infringements in Aberystwyth.

Civil enforcement officer uniform

Civil enforcement officer uniforms

What was originally thought of as a “motorist’s paradise”, however, has turned into more of a nightmare. It has been reported that friction and even punch-ups have arisen due to the free parking. One resident remarked, “I never thought I’d say it but I want the traffic wardens back!”. It seems that the citizens of Aberystwyth are longing for the peace and harmony provided by the good old familiar civil enforcement officer uniforms! The silent majority want to park without hassle and recognise the importance and value of civil enforcement officers.


Chamber of Commerce chair Chris Mackenzie-Grieve, recently added further food for thought: “It may seem great for motorists, but for traders, visitors and the disabled looking for parking spots it’s not a laughing matter.”

For further civil enforcement officer uniform news watch this space!


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The Magnum Strider makes Glastonbury!

To further our success of our brand new Magnum strider shoe, we thought what better than trying it out in a good old British muddy festival. This year was no exception and it wasn’t long before the rain began and the mud slides escalated.

Our willing testers of the Magnum shoes were our valued customer Mendip District Council. We currently supply their parking department for their full uniforms and they were thrilled with the durability and comfort of the Magnum Strider. So much so that the next day they washed the mud off them and went for a morning run!

Magnum shoes

Magnum Strider shoe at Glastonbury

Since their success, they are now looking to kit out their full staff in the Magnum Strider and spread the word. If you would like to put our Strider to the test, please contact us – we’d love to hear your feedback!


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It’s a uniform Jim, but not as we know it!

I know that’s a Star Trek, rather than Star Wars reference, but they all blend into one to me to be honest!

We couldn’t help commenting on the recent news story that George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, is in a longstanding court battle with prop designer Andrew Ainsworth over who owns the rights to the Stormtrooper uniforms used in the 1970s classic Star Wars films.

The stormtrooper uniform is one of the most iconic examples of corporate clothing in modern history. And we can see why the two parties were arguing – Ainsworth sold a single stormtrooper helmet for $97,000 back in 2004. There’s been another Star Wars film since then so today’s cost is likely to be even higher.

The corporate clothing uk market will be rocked by the decision that the case was thrown out of a British court, after it ruled that the Stormtrooper uniforms were “industrial props with utilitarian purpose” rather than “works of art”. Bad luck to Andy Ainsworth, that decision’s got to hurt.

Those of you who regularly follow this blog will remember our entry about the Parkex show in March, where our stand was visited by promotional staff dressed in Stormtrooper corporate clothing uniforms – we hope they cleared it with George Lucas!


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