Funeral Overcoat | New Ladies Funeral Wear

Now that winter is approaching, it’s the perfect time to let you all know about our new ladies Funeral Overcoat. This beautifully tailored overcoat will make you look sharp and sophisticated, whilst ensuring that you are warm and snug during the colder season.

Ladies Funeral Overcoat

Ladies Funeral Overcoat

Samples: Simples

We keep a large range of stock in a wide range of sizes. For this reason it’s quick and easy to arrange for free samples to be sent to you for your staff to try on. This is something that we’ve always done, and feel that this way you can ensure you’re going to be totally happy with your purchase. We will even collect the samples back from you at a time that is convenient! If you decide to order some samples, rest assured there’s no commitment to purchase anything, unless of course you fall head over heels for this stunning overcoat (which we’re certain you will). So just give us a call and one of our sales advisors will be delighted to help you.

Funeral Overcoat Round Two

Psst… we’ll let you in to a little secret… there’s also a new men’s funeral overcoat launching soon so keep an eye out!

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Road Safety Week | Keltic’s Competition!

Road Safety Week is the UK’s biggest road safety event and is aimed at raising awareness about the part we can play in preventing tragedies and making roads safer!

As you may well know, Keltic are huge supporters of road safety training. We think that it is vital that children have this education in order that they learn how to safely navigate roads. Unfortunately every year many children are involved in collisions. Many of these could be prevented if the child was more aware of their actions and potential consequences.  Teaching children about these things during the course of road safety training can drastically reduce the chance of a child being involved in such collisions.


Road Safety Week Competition


Anything that we can do to support Road Safety Week, we are more than happy to do. This year we thought that it would be appropriate to run a competition, the winner of which will receive one of our Street Feet kits. These kits facilitate the kind of training that we are talking about. They model real life roads, with  role-play tabards that help children understand crossings, lights and signs. They also includes destination mats which allow children to practice route planning and road navigation.

Street Feet Kit

Street Feet Kit


How To Enter


For further details on the competition and how to enter then just give us a call on 08450 666699. And if you have any enquiries about the kit or about anything else for that matter, you can make them here.

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Chocolate Week – Our Favourite Chocolate

It’s Chocolate Week! What a time to be alive! We’ve only just found this exciting fact out, and are gleefully celebrating this glorious occasion by eating our weight in delicious… yes you guessed it… chocolate. It turns out that everyone in the office has a different favourite when it comes to what kind of chocolate they go for. We thought it might be a fun idea, therefore, to put together a list of each department’s favourite type of chocolate! How will Warehouse compare to Design? What about Body Armour compared to Custom Ties? Find out below!


Greated Chocolate


Chocolate Week: Staff Favourites


10 staff choices in random order:

Cadbury Wispa – Corporate Wear Department

Ferrero Rocher – Custom Ties Department

Snickers – Warehouse

Plain Dairy Milk – Parking & Uniform Department

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – Design Department

Cadbury Bournville – Body Armour Department

Maltesers – Sewing & Alterations Department

Galaxy (plain, caramel & cookie) – School Crossing Patrol & Road Safety Department

Yorkie – Funeral Wear Department

Mars – Warehouse/Packing

So now you know some of our most loved chocolate. We wonder which is your favourite out of the list there. Comment below!
If you’d like more information about chocolate week you can click here!

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Work Uniform: Picking the Right Colour

When choosing uniforms an important factor to consider is what colour to go for. Colour can play a major role in the look of your uniforms and your overall company image. Below are our top 5 considerations when choosing your work uniform.

Work Uniform

Work Uniform Colour: Some Pointers


  1. What are your corporate colours? This is the first point to consider when deciding uniform colour. Remember, there are different ways to use colour – if you can’t source suits or shirts in your company colour, you can use custom ties or company scarves as a low cost way to get your brand across. Below are some less obvious but equally important considerations.
  2.  Approachability vs. Authority.  Colour can play a big role on how approachable your staff appear. For example a pastel shade uniform can come across as more approachable to potential customers. Customer service staff need to regularly interact with the public and need to be approachable at all times. By using lighter shades this can appear more friendly and break down barriers. A direct comparison would be darker shades such as black and navy which can create a more of an “arms length” or authority look. This can be an advantage for the police and similar roles which benefit from  demonstrating an authoritative presence.
  3. Do your staff’s job roles involve possible confrontation? If this is the case then darker shades as mentioned above are ideal to create an impression of authority. A study in Copenhagen reflects just this – by changing their uniforms from green to dark navy, attacks on parking attendants went down by 75%!
  4. Casual vs. Professional. Colours can also differentiate work uniforms to appear either casual or professional. Warmer, lighter or more fashionable colours can appear more casual and even give a “cooler” corporate image; however smart casual is a tricky thing to pull off.  Alternatively darker shades such as navy, charcoal and pinstripes can create a more efficient, smart, professional image. This is something to consider as you will want your uniforms to reflect your company image.
  5. Consider how your staff will feel in the new uniform colour – The choice of fluorescent pink shirts might have looked good on the drawing board, but are your male staff going to be comfortable in this new look?

Find Out More


I hope this has been useful and something to bear in mind when looking for a work uniform. For further information on this subject leave a comment! If you’d like to speak to one of our staff directly about your uniform, we’d be delighted to help you out. Just call 08450 666699.

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How Stab Proof Vests Work

Stab Vest

In an ideal world nobody would have to get themselves in a situation whereby they risk getting stabbed. Unfortunately this isn’t an ideal world, and many people do have to rely on stab proof vests when negotiating dangerous situations. No armour protects against everything, and there is no absolute guarantee of safety, but Stab Vests do actively protect you against attack from a blade or a spike.

Stab Proof Vests: How They Work


They are made from a composite material similar to Kevlar. It’s one of the strongest materials in existence. This is used in both bullet proof vests and stab proof vests, however both of these vests are totally different. A bullet vest will offer no protection against stab attack and a stab vest will not offer you protection against bullet attack. Kevlar is a very strong fibre which when woven together become even stronger and this combined strength makes it very difficult for a blade to penetrate.

Stab Vest

A Pointer: When You Need a New Vest


Hopefully the person wearing the stab proof vest will be doing it out of precaution only and will not ever actually get stabbed. If, however, this does happen then the knife will be stopped by the weft of the fabric in the vest. The vest, however, will be damaged, as some of the fibres will be sliced. We strongly advise, therefore, that if your stab vest has been attacked once then it is prudent to get a new one as it will not offer the same level of protection second time around.

Make Sure Your Vest is Certified


The UK government rates the effectiveness of stab vests. The Home Office (HOSDB) sets standards for the amount of energy from a thrust that a body armour pack must withstand to come up to specification. You should always choose a stab vest that complies with the HOSDB publication guidelines. Doing so will mean that your staff are adequately protected. All of Keltic’s stab vests are CE marked and certified to KR1 and SP1 Home Office knife and spike resistance standards, including syringe and blunt trauma protection. Buying from us means piece of mind that your staff are as safe as possible.

You can see our range of stab vests here. Should you like to talk to one of our friendly staff members about your requirements, or if you would like to try out one of our vests for free, just call 08450 666699.


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Winter Jackets | School Crossing Patrol

It’s hard to believe but Autumn and Winter are fast approaching. Soon we’ll all be wrapping up warm to head out into the cold. For people who work outside, the weather can make a big impact on their days, and according to the NHS website, their health, too. This means that it’s time to be thinking about warm winter jackets for your patrols.Standard stop jacket

Winter Jackets: Make the Right Choice


Our exclusive STOP range of winter jackets, both standard and superior, are the best choice when it comes to keeping your School Crossing Patrols warm and dry in the typical harsh British weather. Added details of higher collars for wind protection, enhanced velcro cuffs to lock in the warmth and longer length backtails for protection from splashes are just some of the highlights from a long list of added features enhancing our jackets. These additional features will ensure that your staff are comfortable and protected from the elements.

Superior stop jacket



We keep a huge range of stock in a huge range of sizes. All are available on a next day service. What’s more is that we send out samples to customers who would like to try out their jackets before they commit to purchasing them. This service is totally free. Call us for more details. Our number is 08450 666699. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you more information.

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Keltic Body Armour Free Trial

body armour

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Get ready for a new term with our Road Safety kits

As always, the new term is coming up fast. Schools around the country are gearing up for new challenges and new ventures. Perhaps you’re thinking about investing in some new educational resources. If so, have you heard about our road safety kit – Street Feet?


Street Feet Resource


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Keltic find the ideal kit for Blink Ltd football team

We had the pleasure of working with one of our great customers Blink Ltd recently. They asked us to kit out their boy’s football team, for the presentation of their hard-earned league trophies. Requiring a specific colour for their team, we found the perfect match and added their embroidered team logo to complete the look. See the customised football kit below.


Corporate clothing


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How Effective is a Stab Vest Against Knife Attack?

The Home Office recommends KR1/SP1 as the level of protection for their police force and this offers a great level of protection against stab, spike, syringe and blunt trauma in a wide variety of situations. The Kr above stands for knife resistance and the SP for spike resistance. These are two quite different things, and can be the difference between serious injury and escaping without a graze. Now let’s take a step back and try to understand under what circumstances a stab vest is most and least effective.


Stab Vest

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