Branding Your Business through a Company Uniform

A lot has changed over recent decades with regards to company uniforms. Businesses have gradually realised the significance a company uniform has when it comes to branding. Here are some pointers on how to go about selecting your uniform for the purposes of branding.


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Leicestershire Council SCP Provides 42 Years Service

School Crossing Patrols play a vital role in school children’s safety. Helping children to navigate roads, they ensure that they are free from danger on their way into school. At Keltic we are really appreciative of the fantastic job that SCP’s do, and we think that it’s only right that we should, now and again, give something back. Sandy Flamson from Whitwick in Leicestershire has been a patrol for an amazing forty-two years. We therefore decided to present her with a prize for being the longest serving patrol in her region.


Sandy’s Prize


Forty-two years of service is commendable in any profession, but for one that helps the community so much, it’s really amazing. We were therefore delighted to travel to Leicester and present Sandy with a badge and champagne for her brilliant work. We also thought it right to give some cupcakes and gingerbread men to her fellow patrols!

Why Sandy Loves Being an SCP


From speaking to Sandy, it was clear that this was somebody who loves their job. When we asked her why, Sandy said the following:

“I love my job because I’m helping children to be safe and I feel like I’m making a worthwhile contribution to the community. I enjoy being out in the fresh air, meeting new people and watching the children grow up. In some cases I’m now crossing their children!”

Wholly appreciated by children, parents and teachers alike Sandy continues to contribute to the community and do a fantastic job as a SCP. Sandy is a lovely lady and we were thrilled to be a part of her day!

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Why are Corporate Suits a Vital Part of Your Wardrobe?

Impressions matter a great deal in the corporate world – if you wear shabby and unimpressive clothes to work, you may be perceived in a negative way by your colleagues and bosses, even if your record is exemplary. In fact, many companies have made it mandatory to wear suits in the office. In this article we’ll explore the ways that wearing corporate suits can enhance the impression you make at work.

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Red Nose Day!!!

Today in the Keltic office we’ve been raising money for charity. As we do every year we have all been busying ourselves with various fundraising activities for Red Nose Day. Here is what we’ve been up to! Continue reading

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Longest Serving SCP’s Award: East Yorkshire

We recently held a competition to find the longest serving patrol in each region of the UK. The prize for the winner in each region was a bottle of champagne and a length of service badge. Also, one of our amazing STOP cupcakes for each of our winner’s fellow SCP’s.

East Yorkshire’s Winner


Margaret Cattle from Cottingham in East Yorkshire started as a patrol in 1972 clocking up an amazing 43 years service. It was a pleasure to go up and present the award to Margaret and give her some well earned recognition for her hard work and dedication.

SCP's award

Watch This Space SCP’s!


We look forward to presenting the rest of our awards in due course. Check back soon to see who the winner is in your area!

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Keltic Donate to St Giles Hospice

At Keltic we try to do our bit for charity. That’s why recently when we had some stock garments which were no longer required, rather than selling it off at a discounted rate, we donated it. In the coming months St Giles Hospice will be selling our van-load of garments across their shops and hopefully getting some real value out of it.

warehouse donate

Response from St Giles Hospice


After we dropped off the leftover stock we received a lovely message from Anna Eddleston, the marketing co-ordinator at St Giles Hospice. She said the following:

“St Giles Hospice would like to say a big thank you to Keltic Clothing for their generous donation of shirts, trousers, shoes and work wear. These will be sold across our 31 charity shops; our shops help St Giles raise the vital funds needed to deliver high-quality care to local people living with cancer and other serious illnesses, and so this donation will be contributing to helping us continue such work”

Can You Donate to this Fantastic Charity?


It was such a great pleasure to work with St Giles Hospice and to know the donation would provide help to many people. We hope to be able to do the same soon. If you have anything, big or small, that you think that you might want to donate, then we’d really recommend this excellent charity. You can find their website here. And, as always, you can find ours here.

P1030066 donate

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Merry Christmas From Keltic!!!

Merry Christmas

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Keltic’s Brilliant Christmas Party!!!

We’ve had a great year here at Keltic. To celebrate we organised an extra-special Christmas party at the ICC in Birmingham. With an amazing 3 course meal and some great entertainment, it was a great night!

Photos of the Celebrations



Christmas ChristmasWe all had a good boogie on the dance floor and had a little gamble on the casino table as all profits went to the Birmingham Children’s hospital.


ChristmasIt was a brilliant night with a brilliant team of people.

Merry Christmas!


The whole team here at Keltic would like to wish our customers a happy holidays, and we look forward to working with you again in the new year!

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Christmas Jumper Day at Keltic!

Today is Christmas Jumper Day! In aid of Save the Children, up and down the country people are showing their silly side by donning their best Christmas jumpers. Never ones to miss out on the fun, the Keltic team are all wearing our wackiest jumpers today, and contributing to a lovely buffet to help raise money for a great charity.

Christmas Jumper Day: The Team


xmas jumper pic

xmas jump 3Cakes Galore!


As you can see, some of us got really creative with our Christmas cakes! They were a hit with everyone!

xmas jump 2

It has been a lovely day and all in aid of a great cause.

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Our lovely surprise Keltic cake!!!

We were very excited when we received a special delivery from our cake supplier earlier today. They always do such a great job making our ginger bread men for all our events and exhibitions. After being loyal customers with them for some time now they decided to show their appreciation for our business with a Christmas gift: a Keltic cake!

The Keltic Cake



Keltic CakeThank You!



A massive thank you for this wonderful treat – it was enjoyed by us all. Needless to say it didn’t last very long amongst the Keltic team. Not the best thing, perhaps, for our pre-Christmas diets but worth every bite!

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