Road Safety GB North West group is dazzled by new Prismatic Garment Tape

Prismatic tape

Prismatic Tape on Superior STOP Jacket

A demonstration of new Reflexite Prismatic Garment tape technology got the Road Safety GB North West group really excited about this new technology. One of the main benefits is that it can be seen up to seven times further away than glass bead tape, which is usually used on SCP uniforms, and it is now well within the budget of most local authorities.

So, for a little background knowledge, there are two main reflective tape technologies – glass bead from the 1960s and prismatic which is bang up to date with current technology. Both offer EN471 conforming levels of reflectivity. However, tests show that with glass bead tape, the glass beads wear off over time and with washing, so that the reflective values drop dramatically. The reflectiveness of glass bead tape is also drastically reduced in the rain. With prismatic technology, the tape retains its reflectivity for the lifetime of the garment, and gives exceptional performance in the rain. Tests have shown that Reflexite prismatic tape can be seen up to seven times further away than glass bead tape – thus making it a much safer option for those who work outside.

The consensus of the of the Road Safety North West group was that now this prismatic tape was available well within their budget, there was no excuse not to use it because it protects their staff better than the current industry standard, glass bead, which is based on technology from the 1960s.

You can find the Reflexite prismatic tape on Keltic’s Superior STOP jacket. Request a sample, a demonstration or a brochure, by calling Serena Groom or Louise Bennett on 08450 666699.

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