BRAKE road safety week in the West Midlands

We’re very proud of our Corporate Partnership with BRAKE who as you know this week have launched Road Safety Week! Road Safety week is an annual event, now in its 15th Year.

Young people, victims of young drivers crashes and emergency services are launching Road Safety week through demonstrations showing the horror of road crashes.

We put a significant amount of our profits back in to road safety. we’re delighted to be able to help Brake to achieve their objectives of cutting road deaths and injuries.

Casualty statistics revealed by Brake today show that a young person is killed on Roads in the West Midlands every week.  Every 18 hours, a young person suffers a serious injury that in many cases can be life changing.  There are 4 main causes of road deaths concerning young people are drink, drugs, speed and seatbelts.

Families in the West Midlands who have lost loved ones in devastating young driver crashes are calling for action on the biggest killer of young people at the launch of Road Safety Week.

BRAKE is demanding government action to tackle these needless casualties.  They are doing this by highlighting evidence that “graduated driver licensing”, including a minimum learning to drive period, and restrictions for novices, would prevent 200 deaths and thousands of injuries each year.

Emergency services, local authorities, colleges and other agencies are taking part in the Week to get the message across about the horror of road crashes.  Keltic are urging everybody to get involved, to find out more about how to get involved, please follow the link below:

Guidance for organisations

To find out more about BRAKE, Read Brake’s campaign calls.


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