Another wash out week – good job Keltic’s jackets are 8 times more waterproof than the highest European standard!

As you probably know 20th June was the first day of Summer.  Summer?  What’s that I hear you say!  I think it’s safe to say that we haven’t had much of a Summer so far and England is set for at least another 10 days of rain!  My heart goes out to the dedicated team of School Crossing Patrollers that are keeping our little ones safe on the roads across the country.  As happy and content as they are in their job, their clothing can make all the difference in this extreme weather.  A Patroller wet through does not make for job satisfaction. 

We’ve had great feedback on our School Crossing Patrol jackets from a number of local authorities.  Mainly because they are 8 times more waterproof than the highest European Standard and many times more breathable.  Breathability is important as we recognise that sometimes when it is wet it is not always that cold.  Another added great feature is the removable quilted liner that also helps to regulate body temperature.  Our Superior Stop jacket uses prismatic tape which can be seen up to 7 times further away.  Another fact is that prismatic tape does not lose its reflectivity in the rain whereas glass bead tape “blacks out” when the rain drops fall on it.  


Why not call us and take a look at a sample and see the quality for yourself!  You can call us on 08450 66 66 99 to arrange this.

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