Should all school crossing patrols be in prismatic tape?

School crossing patrol wardens and their supervisors and managers do a great job keeping our children safe on the roads. At Keltic, it’s our job to help them.

To this end, we’re very excited to be able to offer jackets with Reflexite prismatic garment tape – which can be seen up to 7 times further away than the standard (glass bead) tape.

The difference between prismatic and glass bead tape can easily be seen in this photograph, and not only is prismatic tape much more reflective, it also retains this reflectivity for the lifetime of the garment, unlike glass bead tape where the glass beads wear off over time and therefore the tape loses reflectivity.

A final fact about glass bead tape is that it doesn’t reflect fully in the rain. We have a demonstration booth which we took to the Road Safety GB conference in Chester last year which shows how glass bead tape “blacks out” where raindrops fall on it. We think this is an issue, with the amount of rain we get in the UK (including today, it’s pouring down here in the Midlands!). Crucially, prismatic tape still reflects fully in the rain.

For all of the above reasons, should all school crossing patrols in the UK be in prismatic tape?

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