STOP means STOP – Respect the Lollipop!

Stop means Stop – Respect the lollipop is a new scheme that has been launched across Trafford to remind motorists to stop for school crossing patrol following an increase in the number of vehicles failing to stop for the school crossing patrol officers.

Drivers and pedestrians generally know who the school crossing patrol wardens are and why they are there but many do not know how they work.  Did you know that motorists must stop when signalled to do so by a school crossing patrol and it is an offence under the Road Traffic Act if they do not?  Did you know that the Patrol sign signals messages to drivers and pedestrians?  The school crossing patrol wardens use their school crossing patrol sign in a number of ways to let everyone know what they intend to do.  I hope you find this page School crossing patrols – advice from Leicestershire County Council as helpful as we did – well you know what they say, you learn something new every day!

School crossing patrol stop sign

School crossing patrol sign

Why not have a look at our School crossing patrol uniform section on our website for more useful information.


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