Get your spring stripes from Keltic corporate wear

Continuing with our spring trend this month, our next feature this week is stripes; Shirts, blouses, suits, scarves, ties, tops we have it all! Big on the high street we thought why not join in with the trend and show off some of our corporate wear alternatives.

Corporate wear

Starting with shirts and blouses you’ll be spoilt for choice, our full range includes stripes in bold springtime colours or subtle shadow stripes in varying styles be it classic oxford style or fitted open collar. Add in one of our stripy corporate scarves and ties to match and your well on your way to office high end fashion.

Corporate wear

If you want to show your style through suiting then wow your office with our striking performance collection suit in navy pinstripe, a very bold stripe to get plenty of attention. Or if you prefer the subtle approach, then try our black multi-stripe in our corporate fashion collection, a small stripe detail that adds just that little bit of colour.

These are just a taste of what we have available, if you want to see more then speak with us on 08450 66 66 99 for our complete collections.

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