Stay Cool – Go for Short Sleeve Office Wear!

Phew, it’s getting a bit warm, isn’t it? A bit… too warm? In true British style, many of us pray for this kind of sun all year round, and then when it actually comes we complain that it’s too hot! Saying that, it’s no fun being cooped up in a sticky office in the height of summer. And it’s even less fun when your uniform isn’t made for the heat. Naturally, with the rise in temperatures we’ve seen a rise in enquiries about short sleeve office wear. Following this we thought that we’d run you through a few of our best-selling short sleeve shirts and blouses. They are all designed to keep you and your staff cool as the temperatures soar!

Plain Blouses


Ladies first. Here’s an example of one our best-selling plain short sleeve blouses. The Paduli Blouse is a real all-rounder; a cotton-rich blouse designed for fit, comfort, and style. A great choice for hotter weather!

Striped Blouses


If stripes are more your thing, then we’ve got you covered with our Liguria Blouse. Available in a variety of colours, it features a contrasting inner collar and cuff. With its easy-care and easy-iron practicality, it’s a good one for those rushed early mornings!

Patterned Blouses


Keltic are the leading UK supplier of patterned blouses. Here’s one of our favourite short sleeves. Available in sizes 6-26, the Pebbles Blouse is a navy and white blouse adorned with a pebble pattern design. Its V-neck is certain to help keep you cool!

Plain Shirts


Moving onto men’s shirts now, the Rossello Shirt is the men’s equivalent to the Paduli Blouse. Available in white, pink, blue and black, it’s easy-care and easy-iron. Slightly loose on the sleeves, this shirt offers great ventilation.

Striped Shirts


If you’re looking for short sleeve office wear a touch more character, why not go with stripes? The Roccella Shirt is a stylish choice. You’ll still have some room to breathe, though, on those hotter days.

Short Sleeve Office Wear: Find Out More!


You should have a better idea now of the kind of short sleeve options that we stock. This has only been a starting point, though, and you can find more short sleeve shirts and blouses on our website. Click here to have an explore! And remember, if you would like to sample any of our shirts or blouses before you commit to an order, we offer free delivery and collection of samples. Simply give one of our friendly staff members a call on 08450 66999 and they’ll gladly arrange this service for you right away!



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