Street Feet Resource now available at Keltic!

Street Feet ResourceAs promised, here at Keltic we have been busy working on our Road Safety Education Range and here’s our new addition for this week – The ever so popular Street Feet Resource!  The kit is designed for use with Key Stage 1 children (ages 3 – 7).  It is designed to help children practice crossing the road safely whilst being in a safe environment.  Children can play the part of different road users which makes them aware of road use patterns and they can then start to realise their responsibilities as a road user. 

Street Feet is lightweight and easy to use.  Kids love role play – it’s a fact, so this is a great fun way of helping kids to take in key information that can help save lives.

Keep checking the blog and watch our range grow every week! 

For more information, please call Serena Groom on 08450 66 66 99 or email serena@kelticclothing.co.uk We’d love to hear from you!


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