Keltic’s Street Feet Makes a Trip to Scotland!

Keltic Clothing are a specialist supplier of road safety and educational resources, cycle instructor uniforms and SCP clothing and equipment. We supply these to over two hundred local councils in the UK. Together with a number of these councils, this year we’ve been thinking about how to improve road safety training in Primary Schools. We have an exclusive new stock based product to help do this. After extensively researching the effectiveness of various methods of road safety training, we now stock (for next day delivery) a training resource based on our findings. We call this interactive Road Safety training kit Street Feet.

Street Feet

What is Street Feet?


Our Road Safety Department offers a wide range of products to help children to learn about the dangers of the road. By far our most popular educational resource is the Street Feet Kit. Exclusive to Keltic, the Street Feet Kit is an interactive, realistic road safety kit, which comes complete with pavements, tabards, road signs and destination mats. It helps children to understand their responsibilities as a road user, and encourages them to think about planning their routes. Importantly, the kit facilitates collaborative learning. We designed it this way based on the findings of a multitude of studies on road safety training. They all conclude that collaborative, interactive exercises are the most effective way of getting children to retain knowledge. And what’s more, they have fun whilst doing so!

Taking Street Feet to Scotland


Road Safety training is not currently part of the primary school curriculum. This is something that we think needs to change. In march of this year two of the keltic team travelled to Scotland to promote the importance of Road Safety training for primary school children. Working alongside the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, we demonstrated how to use our Street Feet Kits. We also discussed different ways of encouraging children to participate in the training. We talked about lesson plans and further resources to encourage learning. It was a great day and we came away feeling like we had made an impact.

Street Feet


What do the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service think of Street Feet?


George Baggley is the WATCH Manager for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. He had the following to say about Street Feet:

As a road safety practitioner for Scottish Fire and Rescue I have endeavoured in the initiatives I have developed to ensure they complement each other as the student progresses while remaining interesting to the appropriate age group. Street Feet covers the dangers of the road for young pedestrians. Being delivered by either fire service personnel or teachers it lays the foundations for deep learning but in a fun way that the children can relate to.

For “Street Feet” the approach to learning is straightforward, an instructional method that engages students in the learning process. In short, active learning requires students to do meaningful learning activities and think about what they are doing. Its target audience would not respond to traditional lectures where students passively receive information from the instructor. By making road safety fun in a form that the children can relate to stimulates deeper learning in the years to come. Evaluating the effects this approach has on the children’s understanding of road safety can be done through gaining an understanding of the children’s knowledge through follow up visits or teacher lessons.

The age children’s driving attitudes and behaviour are developed can be as young as eleven, therefore, it is vital that campaigns and initiatives aimed at school age are established and as well designed as Street Feet.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service would like to thank the staff of Keltic Clothing for introducing Street Feet to us and kindly travelling to Scotland to demonstrate its use. Their professionalism throughout the process highlights everything that is good in partnership working.”


Street Feet

More Glowing Testimonials


It’s not just Scottish Fire and Rescue service who love our Street Feet kits. We have received a great number of glowing testimonials from people who use these kits. Read two of these below.

“We have used the ‘Street Feet’ kits for a number of years now. They provide a practical method for young children to ‘learn as they play’, introducing them to the rules of the road and reinforcing important road safety messages.” – Peter Essex at Bedford Borough Council

“We discussed with students what they perceived as a danger while travelling on foot, with many answering cars speeding and drivers not paying attention. Thanks to our road safety activities, students soon began to understand it was their behaviour that they could control and ultimately the key to staying safer.”– Su Ormes at Medway Council

For More Information


Perhaps you’d like some more information about our Street Feet Kits. If you would be interested in a free demonstration or if you already own one and want to find out how to get the most out of your kit, then give us a call on 08450 66 66 99, or email us at scp@kelticclothing.co.uk.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments about your experience with our Street Feet Kits we would love to read them below!


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