Free Pick’n’mix from our One Stop Lollipop Shop!

Why is it that every time you need a school crossing patrol jacket, you don’t have the right size in stock?! Even though you have tons of every other size! Or you thought you had a few hats left in stock, but you were wrong, and now you need one urgently?

With Keltic’s One Stop Lollipop Shop, there’s no need to worry because we hold everything in stock for next day delivery.

There’s no minimum order, so you can pick’n’mix and order 1 or 2 jackets, a sign, a hat, whatever you need, and have it delivered next day. This means you don’t need to hold stock, saving space and money, and you don’t have to plan ahead and guess what sizes you may need in future. You can even order a full kit for a new starter and receive it in 24 hours! Just call us for further information.

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