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Keltic’s brand new Winter Cycle Jacket

Keltic Clothing would like to introduce our brand new Winter Cycle Jacket. It is Lightweight, breathable and waterproof. It not only protects you from the wet winter weather, it also keeps you safe on the roads. This is because our cycle jacket conforms to EN471 Class 3.

High visibility clothingAt Keltic we feel that it’s vital for cycle trainers to  have clothing that conforms to EN471 and has braces. EN471 is the European standard relating to high visibility clothing for professional use.

Each country within the EU passes legislation determining where garments to this standard should be worn. The UK’S New Roads and Street Works act (1991) stipulates that all staff working on roads must wear EN471 Class 2 or Class 3 clothing, and that EN471 Class 3 must be worn by staff working on roads with a 50 mph speed limit and above.

In addition to EN471, there are a number of other local regulations that are applicable to certain situations and which may be of relevance. The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, relates to those working on local authority roads. The acts’ code of practice, formerly called the “Blue Book” now called the “Red Book” came into effect Feb 2002. It is advised that garments should comply with clause 4.2.3 (b) of EN471 (two 50mm bands and braces).

If you would like any more information on this or would like a sample of our cycle jackets please do not hesitate to ask. You can see our full range of cycle wear at www.kelticclothing.co.uk

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How to Make Sure your Hi Vis Clothing Doesn’t End Up in Landfill

We don’t want to add to landfill unnecessarily so we make sure our customers benefit from having High Visibility clothing that lasts many times the life of cheaper products. Here are some things to look for when choosing your Hi Viz clothing:

  • Yellow hi vis clothing should meet EN471 Class 2.  We recommend you check each supplier has not only the EN471 certificate but full certification for both the fabric and reflective tape used – there are many cases where the fabric and tape only pass the requirements very marginally – a marginal pass this week could be a marginal fail next week!
  • Beware hi visibility clothing that is too short – it’s generally not possible for them to meet EN471 Class 2 unless they are at least 60cm long
  • Reflective tape used on hi vis clothing will generally always be Class 2 glass bead tape (Reflexite tape takes hi viz clothing out of most clients price range)
  • Fluorescent yellow is very bright, and needs to stay bright to be reflective, does the hi vis clothing you are about to buy have Teflon coating to repel dirt?
  • Think about style –check the arm holes are large enough to comfortably get in and out of it– to use less tape and cut costs some suppliers make the shoulder bands shorter by making the arm holes shorter, making the garment harder to get on

Hi vis clothing is worn by all and sundry these days – the high street is awash with hi vis… We offer very high quality standard hi vis clothing, but we also offer something different, so you can spot your staff amongst all the other companies and government employees out and about in hi viz yellow clothing. We offer over 30 different colours from stock – something to suit all corporate images, and many of our garments incorporate Reflexite hi vis tape, the most reflective tape on the market, enabling your staff to be seen from up to 7 times further away. More about Reflexite hi vis tape in a later blog!

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