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48 Years as a School Crossing Patrol Officer | Irene Reid | Lancashire City Council

As many of you know, at Keltic we like to give awards to school crossing patrol officers who have completed a considerable amount of years in the job. We recently reached out to the Lancashire region, asking for long-standing SCP’s to come forward. We were thrilled to come across Irene Reid, who has been a school crossing patrol officer in Lancashire for an amazing 48 years. Having recently been to present Irene with her award, here are a few extra words of congratulations, both from us and from Irene’s local council!

School Crossing Patrol Officer Continue reading

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Street Feet Resource now available at Keltic!

Street Feet ResourceAs promised, here at Keltic we have been busy working on our Road Safety Education Range and here’s our new addition for this week – The ever so popular Street Feet Resource!  The kit is designed for use with Key Stage 1 children (ages 3 – 7).  It is designed to help children practice crossing the road safely whilst being in a safe environment.  Children can play the part of different road users which makes them aware of road use patterns and they can then start to realise their responsibilities as a road user. 

Street Feet is lightweight and easy to use.  Kids love role play – it’s a fact, so this is a great fun way of helping kids to take in key information that can help save lives.

Keep checking the blog and watch our range grow every week! 

For more information, please call Serena Groom on 08450 66 66 99 or email serena@kelticclothing.co.uk We’d love to hear from you!


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Welcome to our new school crossing patrol department!

We have some exciting news.  Our one stop shop webpage for School Crossing Patrol uniforms is now live!  Our School Crossing patrols do a great job helping to keep our children safe on the roads and their uniform will help keep them safe too.  On a serious note, reality is around 5,000 children under the age of 16 die or are seriously injured on Britain’s roads each year.  Here at Keltic we are dedicated to providing at top class service with top class information.  Here is the latest update on School Crossing Patrol Uniform to keep you in the loop.  The law states that every school crossing patrol should be issued with the following:

school crossing patrol

Brand new School Crossing Patrol uniform department

  • A fluorescent outer garment with reflective tape
  • A peaked hat
  • A Crossing patrol sign

Keep checking the blog for more detailed information and the latest updates or contact us for more information.


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