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Endurance Collection – Four Times More Durable Than Other Workwear Suits!

Today we’re very excited because we’ve got the results of the Martindale tests for our Endurance Collection. This is a scientific test done on laboratory conditions that measures the durability of fabric. News just in confirms that our Endurance Collection fabric is at least four times more durable than most other workwear suits currently on the market, and up to ten times more durable than high street alternatives.

Security Suits

Ideal security suit durability

The Martindale test is the most important test of a garment when it comes to assessing its durability. For any workwear or security suit, this is the one to watch. It involves a machine applying mechanised rubs to a sample fabric (also known as the rub test) which tests how many thousand rubs a fabric will withstand before it breaks down.

Most high street suits score from 8000 on Martindale Tests before the fabric begins to break down; our Endurance Collection scores up to 80,000 – an outstanding and totally unrivalled durability for everyday suits. This means our suits will last ten times longer than many high street brands and ideal for heavy usage such as for security suits, every day suits for hotel staff, and all demanding work environments where staff need to be really smart.

Security suit

Ideal for security suits

This is also our lowest price range, meaning it’s within every budget. For further information on these tests or advice on your workwear needs, please call Charlotte on 01922 70 99 22.

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