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Keep the feedback coming on stand D42 at Parkex

With only a couple of hours left we can’t believe how many of our great customers and new faces have visited our stand so far. Already we want to say a huge thank you to all the people who have given us fantastic feedback on our brand new security uniforms, the ParkVest and Patrol Shirt.

We have had really useful comments from the likes of Colchester Council, Bridgend Council, Swindon Council and many more, we have recieved great reviews and would like to thank everyone so far.

We’ve also had a great chat with Dartford Council, a very valued customer of ours. They even turned up in our Magnum Strider Boots! Photos of this to follow!

For more security uniforms, we are here till 5.30pm, come have a chat!

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Come see our brand new Patrol Shirt next week at Parkex

In a matter of days we will be exhibiting at Parkex where we are very excited to introduce our brand new security uniforms, not yet seen by the public. Our milestone product this year will be our fantastic Patrol Shirt ideal uniforms for security and parking staff.

Security uniform

Uniforms for security

Our Patrol Shirt is a definite update to the traditional uniforms security staff wore in the 1960s widely known still as the classic Pilot Shirt. Our new Patrol Shirt looks like an upmarket poloshirt and shares many similarities with the high tech sports clothing worn by top athletes. This ground breaking shirt is made from a moisture wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the body when the wearer gets hot, and it has the required epaulettes for CEOs to display their individual CEO numbers.

This brand new garment belongs to our innovative Patrol Range which is at the cutting edge of parking and security uniforms both in terms of fabric and design.

Speak with Vicki Whitbrook for further information on security uniform innovations on 01922 616 999 or stop by and see us on our stand D42 next week.

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Wearing a security uniform makes you feel more secure – it’s official!

Wearing uniforms for security roles can provide all the benefits of looking smart, feeling part of a unified team and presenting a professional image to the public. However research by G4S Security Services (UK) have recently reported that uniforms can also help the wearer feel more secure.

It’s reported that by wearing a uniform, the wearer believes this reduces the likelihood of an attack or potential violent situation. According to G4S Security Services (UK) almost twice as many men than women believe this to be true.

uniforms for security can help you feel secure

Can security uniforms help you feel secure?

One thing the sexes did agree on was the purpose of security uniforms, both reaching the same conclusion of making the wearer more identifiable to the public and to create a corporate identity for their organisation.

This study will be interesting to security providers and security uniform suppliers alike, and seems to support the traditional idea that an authoritarian uniform engenders respect – particularly amongst the male population.

On our blog, we discuss every aspect of uniforms, and always blog at least three times a week. Check back for more thought-provoking topics, or why not leave a comment?

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