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How Useful is Road Safety Education in Schools?

Happy Children

The summer months are approaching and the days are getting longer. This is children’s favourite time of year. They can more easily play outside, walk to friends’ houses and maybe even make their own way to and from school. But what kids don’t think about are the dangers inherent in these activities. Each year, and particularly in the summer months, an unacceptable amount of children are hit by cars in Britain. According to recent research , road accidents account for a third of accidental deaths among 0-14-year-olds and over half of accidental deaths for 5-14-year-olds. Tragically, many of these deaths are avoidable. The answer is road safety education. This article will discuss how road safety education in schools can significantly reduce the frequency of these incidents, and improve the safety and wellbeing of children in Britain.

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Road Safety Week | Keltic’s Competition!

Road Safety Week is the UK’s biggest road safety event and is aimed at raising awareness about the part we can play in preventing tragedies and making roads safer!

As you may well know, Keltic are huge supporters of road safety training. We think that it is vital that children have this education in order that they learn how to safely navigate roads. Unfortunately every year many children are involved in collisions. Many of these could be prevented if the child was more aware of their actions and potential consequences.  Teaching children about these things during the course of road safety training can drastically reduce the chance of a child being involved in such collisions.


Road Safety Week Competition


Anything that we can do to support Road Safety Week, we are more than happy to do. This year we thought that it would be appropriate to run a competition, the winner of which will receive one of our Street Feet kits. These kits facilitate the kind of training that we are talking about. They model real life roads, with  role-play tabards that help children understand crossings, lights and signs. They also includes destination mats which allow children to practice route planning and road navigation.

Street Feet Kit

Street Feet Kit


How To Enter


For further details on the competition and how to enter then just give us a call on 08450 666699. And if you have any enquiries about the kit or about anything else for that matter, you can make them here.

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