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Keltic trials the Patrol Cap!

Being as it’s a Friday we thought we’d have a bit of fun and road test one of our favourite new products– the Patrol Cap – here in the office! This is no ordinary uniform hat, as we have found out from a number of customers currently wearing these on street.

Uniform hats

Uniform Cap Trial

Modernisation has played a big part in the transformation of our uniform caps and our stylish Patrol Cap has a more sophisticated, slimmer profile with a smaller non shiny-fabric peak. The cap is made from highly breathable, waterproof and quick drying fabric, and is much lighter weight fabric, giving more flexibility and comfort. Many customers have found this to be a relief from what they consider to be the old fashioned bulky, heavy and uncomfortable originals. This is a revolutionary product, yet easy to phase in with existing styles.

Feedback from our trials in the office highlights how comfortable the uniform cap is. A couple of our staff have been wearing the Patrol Caps throughout the day and report back – “It’s so comfortable I forgot I had it on till I looked in the mirror” and “It’s so comfortable I don’t want to take it off now!”

Not only that, we all think they looked very smart in their new headwear as well!

To trial our uniform hats and further items for yourself, call us on 08450 66 66 99 for further information!


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Day Two: The return of the Infamous Patrol Cap

Uniform Caps

Uniform Caps go down well with Jedi Knight

Day two at Parkex brings the return of our well dressed friends – a surprise visit from the Jedi Knight and an X-Fighter Pilot, who took a real shine to one of our new products.

The pair showed off our patrol cap, which combines the classic uniform hats with the casual baseball cap to form a happy medium. The classic hat can prove uncomfortable, old fashioned, heavy and sweaty, but the baseball cap is seen by most as a step too far in the casual stakes. By combining the two the patrol cap provides a new innovation to uniform headwear.

Uniform Hat

Keltic Hat suits X Fighter at Parkex

The Patrol Cap is made from highly breathable, water-resistant, quick-drying fabric and is much lighter in weight and more flexible. This provides more comfort for the wearer and provides more protection against the elements. The style has been modernised too, with a more sophisticated, slimmer profile and a slightly smaller non-shiny fabric peak. Due to its modernised appearance, this also provides a uniform hat suitable for both male and female staff for a unified look.

Check back tomorrow for our final day, who could we meet next?

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