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The Magnum Strider Boot Strikes Again

The Magnum Strider boot continues to go from strength to strength. Read below a fantastic review from Daran Thomas at Pinewood Studios who works for Octaga Security Services. He completed a 13mile challenge in the all essential uniform wear – The Magnum Strider

Magnum Strider
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The Valentines Throwdown at crossfit spectrum | Uniform Wear

Vicki Whitbrook of our uniform wear department took part in another great challenge recently at the Crossfit Spectrum.

Named the ‘Valentines Throwndown’ Vicki and her team of 2 girls went head to head vs 3 boys in 5 workouts across the whole day, from Olympic power lifting (how heavy can you get a weight from the ground to over your head), cardio based workouts with burpees, box jumps, kettle bell swings, squats, rowing and skipping.

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Vicki competes in the Crossfit competition

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Uniform wear

Thousands of athletes worldwide have followed workouts daily and distinguished themselves in combat.

Over the weekend Vicki Whitbrook of our uniform wear team came 10th out of 30 national teams in the HO, HO, HO Xmas throw down near Cannock with her team OCD “obsessive CrossFit disorder”

The competition was 6 gruelling events across the day, which involved the combination of heavy lifting with stamina and dynamic strength workouts that would compete in 3 heats.

Uniform wear

Vicki comments on the event being such a great atmosphere and great team moral pushing each other for personal bests -roll on the next one!

Well done Vicki!

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Uniform Wear; Innovation is the name of the game

Innovation is just some of the things we will be talking about this week at the British Parking Association in Scotland this Wednesday the 24th.

We design and develop all of our uniform wear with input from people who actually use the garments every day. The initial idea often comes about through feedback we receive – for example, we have just launched our new concept of our ParkVest after feedback that utility belts have caused strain on the backs of parking attendants.

The ParkVest is essentially a utility vest which incorporates printer holders and pockets to distribute the PA’s equipment evenly across the body, thus preventing long term sickness and making their job role more comfortable and effective. The challenge we have successfully met is to design very high quality technical garments at a price that the whole parking market can afford.

 Uniform wear

Also in the midst of the thick snow and ice we experienced last winter, we’ve launched a snow grip which fits on to all types of shoe and boot, providing much-needed additional grip and safety on snow and ice by means of special studs.

Our snow grips have numerous studs as well as chevron grips across the whole foot area. Other products on the market only cover part of the foot, or have less studs, and so can be less effective. Where health and safety is concerned, we only offer the most effective product.

Come and join us this Wednesday for an update on our latest and greatest ideas. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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New uniform wear – The Patrol Shirt

We’ve recently launched our brand new Patrol Shirt, ideal for the spell of warm weather we are having at the moment. Pete, a Police Constable based in Scotland shares his thoughts on the brand new uniform wear he has worn as a trial over the past week:


“I have been given another product for review by the fantastic people at Keltic Clothing. The product this time around is their newly developed Patrol Shirt. It is designed for uniform and security personnel and uses technology often found in sportswear in that it is made of moisture wicking fabric, drawing moisture away from the body.

 uniform wear

The product is available in both Black and White, retailing from Keltic Clothing for £15.95 per unit. Moving away from the moisture wicking fabric for a moment, the shirt clearly has some important features, making it attractive for active personnel. It features epaulettes on each shoulder which make it easy for the user to attach identifiable numbers or letters. They are secured to the shirt by means of a small piece of velcro. The fabric is such that small holes could be made if required for the numbers to be attached. 


Moving to the main body of the shirt. It has two radio loops near to the chest area. They would be suitable for attaching a torch or any other piece of equipment required.


The shirt also feature two small pockets, one on each sleeve. I found that they were quite neatly positioned just near to the bottom of the sleeve, meaning that if the wearer had on body armour or some other form of sleeveless jacket, the pen pockets would always be accessible. Both of the pen pockets were split into two. 


We thought that we would wear the product as a normal, everyday shirt, thereafter wear it whilst carrying out some fitness training to truly test out the moisture wicking capabilities.


I thought that wearing the shirt whilst doing some cycling would give a true indication of the shirts capabilities for taking moisture away from the body. I went cycling for an hour and did sweat a considerable amount. I was keen to see what the reaction of the fabric would be. To try and copy the fact that most wearers of the Patrol Shirt will have on a vest or body armour of some sort, I wore a cycling jacket over the product to try and simulate the other layer. 


I found that all of the moisture produced went straight from the body and into the fabric, without dripping off onto other clothing, making things uncomfortable. After the cycle had finished, the product remained free from any odours and any moisture dried in very quickly. 


Overall, I was very satisfied with the performance of the Patrol Shirt and its moisture wicking capabilities. It would be an excellent choice to keep personnel cool during long summer days especially with other items worn on top”.



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Uniform wear required outside of working hours

A recent story by the BBC covers the very interesting story regarding uniform clothing and the importance of its role. It’s been suggested that police officers should wear their uniforms on the way to and from work to increase police visibility and increase public reassurance.

It’s been suggested that more awareness of Police Officers in public, such as on buses and trains, will be a “key strategic priority” going forward which helps in the visibility and availability of officers.

uniform clothes

Uniform clothing under spotlight

This story has caused much debate among officers and the public. Many have claimed that because most officers’ travel to work by car, the change would not have that much impact, and most importantly if an incident were to arise, whilst they will be in uniform clothes they will not have the protective equipment needed with them or the back up support.

This story brings to light the importance of uniform wear  it shows the impact a uniform can make on public perception and on society in general. It’s great to see uniform clothing being a hot topic once again! Keep updated with further uniform clothing news each week on our blog.

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Hero sacked for wearing incorrect uniform wear

At Keltic, as one of the UK’s leading uniform clothing suppliers, we’re more keen than most for people to look really smart, and to wear the correct uniform for their job role, as well as to feel comfortable and special in their uniform clothes.

The San Francisco Examiner recently reported on an interesting situation that related to this. A “Patrol Special” police officer was recently sacked for wearing the incorrect uniform wear. The officer, who had been nominated for a medal for disarming a gunman during a fatal shootout, had failed to wear his navy jacket and trousers, which had a distinctive blue stripe down the side, on 37 occasions during 2009 and 2010.

However, the article also reports that he also failed to show up to various training courses, amongst other issues. So as with many of these seemingly straightforward stories, there’s more than the headline implies. However, there’s food for thought here. Would you take a chance and not wear your uniform if you knew your job was on the line?


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Parkex Exhibition – What are the benefits?

david and president of parking association

David Barry with the President of the Parking Association

Parkex 2011 was a fantastic success for exhibitors this year, and we thought it’d be worth highlighting the importance of such events in the business calendar.

First, I’m sure visitors and exhibitors alike would agree that to be able to meet clients and suppliers from the same industry – both potential and existing – all under one roof at the same time is worth the price of entry alone. It gives the opportunity to catch up with people in person that you might not otherwise get to see, to consolidate existing working relationships and form new ones.

Second, exhibitions like Parkex break up the working routine, taking staff out of their usual office environment and bombarding them with information, people and ideas which have an energising effect that can last for months. We’re sure that inspiration and innovation is at a high after Parkex for everyone in our industry.

Third – you can be nosy! Check out what the competition are doing, learn something new, consider new markets, think about what good ideas can be transferred from other markets to your own.

Parkex visitors - Uganda Taxi men - smiley

Our Uganda Taxi Men Visitors

Parkex can bring up opportunities you didn’t even know existed, such as the two gentlemen from Uganda Taxi Company who visited our stand this year!

At Parkex the exhibitors really do pull out all the stops – demonstrating their latest innovations, and even offering special deals or free trials to visitors. I for one can’t wait for next year!

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A rainbow of Uniform Wear at Parkex

Any colour as long as it’s black. Henry Ford was talking about the motorcar but there was a time when the same principle applied to parking uniform wear –­ drab navy blues or blacks were the norm with pseudo-police styling. Well that’s all changed.  Civil enforcement officers are now patrolling our streets in rainbow colours in a move designed to counteract the public perception that they are hiding in the shadows waiting to jump out and issue a ticket.

At Keltic, we’ve had a big hand in this change. We supply over 200 local authority parking departments and private parking contractors with uniform clothing, making us by far the UK’s No 1 supplier. Our Patrol Range offers 30 colours from stock, so that customers can bespoke their uniforms and give them an extra bit of panache. And importantly, they can do that from the stock range which means it is quick and easy to put a uniform together without the hassle of minimum orders. We will be showing a wide range of these colours at Parkex next week.  

unform clothing

See colourful uniform wear at Parkex 2011

We offer a complete range of uniform clothes for the parking industry, kitting out CEOs from head to toe.  Highlighted on our stand at Parkex will be the new Magnum Strider shoe, the UK’s first shoe designed specifically for CEOs.  The Magnum Strider is lightweight, durable, EN-certified for slip-resistance, breathable and water-resistant.  Its revolutionary ion-mask technology actually repels water and, if you want to see for yourself just how effective it is, we are water-testing the Magnum Strider shoe on our stand.

We look forward to meeting all our valued customers on our stand next week!

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How we Changed the Uniform Wear Market from Head to Toe!

For most of us, the peaked cap is forever associated with the uniform clothing market. Despite uniform clothes being modernised significantly, the peaked cap hasn’t changed in 50 years. We know the peaked cap is here to stay for a while longer, so decided to see if we could design something a bit more comfortable and up-to-date.

After spending some time chatting with purchasing managers and groups of wearers, we discovered that existing caps are fairly universally disliked – no real surprise there then! Wearers tend to find them uncomfortable, old-fashioned, heavy and sweaty – and they dislike the black shiny peak and strap. Baseball caps aren’t the answer because they’re too casual looking. One of our large customers have just moved away from baseball caps and back to peaked caps for their uniform wear.

Current caps soak up the rain – if you are lucky you might get a waterproof cover that looks like a shower cap – but that can make you more uncomfortable because it’s not breathable. Fabric technology has moved on dramatically in 50 years, so we decided to see how we could use this to make a more wearable and comfortable Cap.

The result is our new unisex Patrol Cap, made from highly breathable, waterproof, quick-drying fabric. It’s much lighter in weight and more flexible, and therefore much more comfortable. The style has been modernised too, with a more sophisticated, slimmer profile and a slightly smaller non-shiny fabric peak. The style has been described as evolution rather than revolution. This is one example of where we like to give our customers choice, and we constantly striving to innovate with the best fabrics and designs.

The Patrol Cap innovation comes hot on the heels of Keltic’s exclusive Magnum Strider shoe, the UK’s first shoe designed for civil enforcement officers. The Strider incorporates ion-mask hydrophobic technology which actually repels water. Our plan has been to change the parking uniform wear market from head to toe, and with the Patrol Cap, our new ranges of clothing and the Magnum Strider, I reckon we’ve done it!

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