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Parkex 2012 – the Winners!

Throughout the two days at Parkex, on our security clothing stand we ran competitions for both the golden ticket and champagne draw. We are happy announce the winners of these with some great photos!

Clothing Security

Gary McArdle our golden ticket winner

The Golden Ticket was won on the second day by Mr Gary McArdle, Regional Manager at Britannia Parking. He was delighted to find the golden ticket hidden in his pink cupcake and was awarded with the great prize of a Kindle.

The Champagne draw revealed Emma Powell to be our winner, Parking Manager at Colchester Council leading authority for North Essex Parking Partnership. A Magnum bottle of champagne is on its way to her!

Security clothing

Champagne Draw

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to our stand over the two days and the great feedback we have received on our new parking and security clothes!

For further information on security clothing and equipment, speak with Vicki Whitbrook on 01922 616999.

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Day Two – Feedback on our staff uniform so far…

Half way through day 2 and we have been inundated with even more great feedback on our staff uniforms.


Staff uniform

Patrol Shirt at Parkex 2012

Our brand new Patrol Shirt has been quoted as being a ‘great concept’ an ‘ideal easy care uniform that’s both fresh and new for the Parking market’. We agree that it is certainly an innovative product and allows CEOs to embrace their job with more comfort and movability.

Our staff uniform, the brand new ParkVest, has received similar reviews. Being another innovative idea for CEOs to help distribute the weight of equipment, and also great fabric quality with ideal breathability for the summer.

Staff uniforms

ParkVest – innovation at Parkex 2012

Please continue to visit our Keltic Corporate Clothing stand D42 at Parkex 2012 during the day – we look forward to receiving even more great feedback.


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Keep the feedback coming on stand D42 at Parkex

With only a couple of hours left we can’t believe how many of our great customers and new faces have visited our stand so far. Already we want to say a huge thank you to all the people who have given us fantastic feedback on our brand new security uniforms, the ParkVest and Patrol Shirt.

We have had really useful comments from the likes of Colchester Council, Bridgend Council, Swindon Council and many more, we have recieved great reviews and would like to thank everyone so far.

We’ve also had a great chat with Dartford Council, a very valued customer of ours. They even turned up in our Magnum Strider Boots! Photos of this to follow!

For more security uniforms, we are here till 5.30pm, come have a chat!

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See our parking uniforms at stand D42 today!

Pink Parking Uniforms

Keltic’s pink traffic wardens next to our famous cup cakes

Half way through the day and we have already had some fantastic feedback on our brand new parking uniforms.  Our pink traffic wardens will happily guide you our way to see for yourself our amazing parking uniform innovation.

Magnum Strider

Organising the Magnum Strider water demo

We will shortly be demonstrating  the great qualities of our Strider Shoe right on the stand, so dont miss out on further parking attendant uniform information.

Parking enforcement uniforms are what we pride ourselves on, come and see Vicki and Helena on our stand for a chat and we will happily assist.

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Come see our brand new Patrol Shirt next week at Parkex

In a matter of days we will be exhibiting at Parkex where we are very excited to introduce our brand new security uniforms, not yet seen by the public. Our milestone product this year will be our fantastic Patrol Shirt ideal uniforms for security and parking staff.

Security uniform

Uniforms for security

Our Patrol Shirt is a definite update to the traditional uniforms security staff wore in the 1960s widely known still as the classic Pilot Shirt. Our new Patrol Shirt looks like an upmarket poloshirt and shares many similarities with the high tech sports clothing worn by top athletes. This ground breaking shirt is made from a moisture wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the body when the wearer gets hot, and it has the required epaulettes for CEOs to display their individual CEO numbers.

This brand new garment belongs to our innovative Patrol Range which is at the cutting edge of parking and security uniforms both in terms of fabric and design.

Speak with Vicki Whitbrook for further information on security uniform innovations on 01922 616 999 or stop by and see us on our stand D42 next week.

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Vicki to run the Manchester Marathon this April

Our very own Vicki Whitbrook will be competing in the Manchester marathon on the 29th of April, running for the great Christie Charity who raises funds to help provide additional services and undertake vital research for our cancer patients.

This 26.3mile run is not the first for Vicki who has regularly competed in cross country marathons for many years; this is her first full road marathon which she is hoping to complete in less than 4 hours!

To show your support you can sponsor Vicki via this link http://www.justgiving.com/vicki-whitbrook or call her on her direct dial 01922 616999 for further information.

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The all new ParkVest – see our latest innovation at Parkex!

With less than a week to go we couldn’t wait to shout about our brand new product we will be showcasing at Parkex. Our new security clothing garments are set to provide security and parking staff alike with fantastic quality and comfort during their working day.

Our ParkVest is based on the Police-issue Tactical Vest, but includes a number of specific pockets and add-ons for the special equipment staff carry. Our security clothes allow the weight to be spread evenly across the upper body for better comfort.

Security clothes

Security clothing and equipment at Parkex

This also helps to prevent back pain, foot pain, and increase morale and deployment by decreasing sickness and absence. This is win-win for both staff and managers alike.  The ParkVest even has specific pockets for a printer that allows a ticket to be issued without removing the printer from the pocket, PCN pockets, and the option to add a Klichfast docks for radios/bodycams.

Our Parkvest is a great update to traditional clothing security and parking staff traditionally wear and offers a great alterative to classic styles.

For further information on our security clothing and equipment call Vicki on 01922 616 999 or even better, visit us at Parkex stand D42 opposite the Parkex Cafe – we’d love to see you there!

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Come see us at Parkex this April – you may even win a prize!

We are happy to announce we’ll be exhibiting at Parkex on the 17th and 18th of April where we will be showcasing our new parking and warden uniform innovations and running a competition throughout the two days to win a mystery prize!

Warden Uniform

Ideal enforcement uniform

Celebrating 10 years in parking this year, we will be holding a cupcake competition where hidden in our hundreds of birthday cakes will be two golden tickets. Come and visit us on our stand D42 opposite the Parkex cafe to be in with a chance of winning.

Our two day event won’t just be about eating tons of cakes! We will be launching two brand new enforcement uniform products not yet seen by anyone – the all new ParkVest and Patrol Shirt, both designed to improve the welfare, comfort and morale of parking staff. This will give us a great chance to test our new products on the front line and encourage feedback to help our warden uniforms evolve.

Warden uniforms

Warden uniform

We value all the feedback we receive so come and visit us on our stand for a chat and a free cake; we will be inviting comments from visitors throughout the two days. For further information on the event and our exciting new enforcement uniforms, speak to Vicki Whitbrook on 01922 612999 – we look forward to seeing you there!

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Keltic trials the Patrol Cap!

Being as it’s a Friday we thought we’d have a bit of fun and road test one of our favourite new products– the Patrol Cap – here in the office! This is no ordinary uniform hat, as we have found out from a number of customers currently wearing these on street.

Uniform hats

Uniform Cap Trial

Modernisation has played a big part in the transformation of our uniform caps and our stylish Patrol Cap has a more sophisticated, slimmer profile with a smaller non shiny-fabric peak. The cap is made from highly breathable, waterproof and quick drying fabric, and is much lighter weight fabric, giving more flexibility and comfort. Many customers have found this to be a relief from what they consider to be the old fashioned bulky, heavy and uncomfortable originals. This is a revolutionary product, yet easy to phase in with existing styles.

Feedback from our trials in the office highlights how comfortable the uniform cap is. A couple of our staff have been wearing the Patrol Caps throughout the day and report back – “It’s so comfortable I forgot I had it on till I looked in the mirror” and “It’s so comfortable I don’t want to take it off now!”

Not only that, we all think they looked very smart in their new headwear as well!

To trial our uniform hats and further items for yourself, call us on 08450 66 66 99 for further information!


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Patrol Mitt Review

Our brand new Patrol Mitt waterproof gloves have been launched recently just in time for the cold weather. We have had a great review from a serving police constable in the UK who has worn the new waterproof mittens on foot patrol and whilst driving, also whilst out road running on some extremely cold mornings. See below for his great feedback.

waterproof glove

Our brand new waterproof mittens

“I found them very comfortable and snug. My first impressions were that there was simply a build up of heat from within the glove, almost as if I had some mini hand warmers in there.  It is quite unique and a bit difficult to describe. I thought that my hands would have been sweating, however when I removed the gloves, my hands felt fine and there was no moisture or sweat of any sort. They certainly keep the hands warm when required. I’m sure this has something to do with the three layers of fleece material contained within the waterproof glove.

On the top of the glove there is what I would call a small dome of fleece material which is fastened by velcro to the glove. In addition to this, the fingers of the glove have the top removed, in order that this fleece dome can be placed over the fingers when not requiring the fingers to be used for writing tickets or any other purpose.

On to the palm of the glove, the material is completely different from the rest of the glove. The palm is embossed with a rough, leather like material which allows for a very strong grip, even whilst driving. At the cuff area, there is a small tab which is handily placed when trying to pull the gloves on, also the cuff area is elasticated, but not too tightly meaning that you know your gloves are never going to slide off at any moment.

Over the last couple of days when the weather has been wintry I have been wearing the waterproof mitten at every opportunity to test out their waterproofing capabilities. I used them whilst scraping my car, walking the dog in the rain, shovelling salt etc. There was never any saturation of water or ice onto the glove and I found when using the mitts in these conditions there was still a continual build up of heat within as I have referred to earlier.

In summary I would say that the Patrol Mitt would be a very wise selection for anyone looking for a pair of reliable, warm thermal waterproof gloves in these cold winter months. From a police point of view, the fact that you can detach the fingers allowing easy access for writing is a definite selling point. These gloves signal a move away from a more traditional plain leather black glove and are a break from the norm. I would certainly recommend them”.

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