New uniform wear – The Patrol Shirt

We’ve recently launched our brand new Patrol Shirt, ideal for the spell of warm weather we are having at the moment. Pete, a Police Constable based in Scotland shares his thoughts on the brand new uniform wear he has worn as a trial over the past week:


“I have been given another product for review by the fantastic people at Keltic Clothing. The product this time around is their newly developed Patrol Shirt. It is designed for uniform and security personnel and uses technology often found in sportswear in that it is made of moisture wicking fabric, drawing moisture away from the body.

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The product is available in both Black and White, retailing from Keltic Clothing for £15.95 per unit. Moving away from the moisture wicking fabric for a moment, the shirt clearly has some important features, making it attractive for active personnel. It features epaulettes on each shoulder which make it easy for the user to attach identifiable numbers or letters. They are secured to the shirt by means of a small piece of velcro. The fabric is such that small holes could be made if required for the numbers to be attached. 


Moving to the main body of the shirt. It has two radio loops near to the chest area. They would be suitable for attaching a torch or any other piece of equipment required.


The shirt also feature two small pockets, one on each sleeve. I found that they were quite neatly positioned just near to the bottom of the sleeve, meaning that if the wearer had on body armour or some other form of sleeveless jacket, the pen pockets would always be accessible. Both of the pen pockets were split into two. 


We thought that we would wear the product as a normal, everyday shirt, thereafter wear it whilst carrying out some fitness training to truly test out the moisture wicking capabilities.


I thought that wearing the shirt whilst doing some cycling would give a true indication of the shirts capabilities for taking moisture away from the body. I went cycling for an hour and did sweat a considerable amount. I was keen to see what the reaction of the fabric would be. To try and copy the fact that most wearers of the Patrol Shirt will have on a vest or body armour of some sort, I wore a cycling jacket over the product to try and simulate the other layer. 


I found that all of the moisture produced went straight from the body and into the fabric, without dripping off onto other clothing, making things uncomfortable. After the cycle had finished, the product remained free from any odours and any moisture dried in very quickly. 


Overall, I was very satisfied with the performance of the Patrol Shirt and its moisture wicking capabilities. It would be an excellent choice to keep personnel cool during long summer days especially with other items worn on top”.



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