The Valentines Throwdown at crossfit spectrum | Uniform Wear

Vicki Whitbrook of our uniform wear department took part in another great challenge recently at the Crossfit Spectrum.

Named the ‘Valentines Throwndown’ Vicki and her team of 2 girls went head to head vs 3 boys in 5 workouts across the whole day, from Olympic power lifting (how heavy can you get a weight from the ground to over your head), cardio based workouts with burpees, box jumps, kettle bell swings, squats, rowing and skipping.

uniform wear

This month she will be entering the Crossfit open qualifiers where she will be stacking up against everyone in the world who enters!

If she gets through, the regional event is held in Copenhagen. We wish her plenty of luck! 🙂

Watch this space for further energetic things to come with plenty of charity events already booked this coming summer!

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