Vicki’s marathon success

Vicki Whitbrook braved the weather last Sunday to compete in her first ever road marathon and completed it in just under 4hours in the worst weather conditions possible! She completed the first half of the marathon in an hour and a half but the cold soon took its toll!

Vicki before her race

She mentions this as being a ‘tough guy marathon’ having to compete against hale, rain, flooding up to her knees in parts and ferocious winds! Even main athletes were half hour over target due to the awful conditions.

However hard it was, the run was definitely worth it, there is no way for preparing for those conditions it’s just mind over matter the whole way. The run was a huge achievement for Vicki and she raised an amazing £300 with the amount still rising!

The final Sprint

We would all like to say congratulations for her success and we are very proud of her for battling on and completing the marathon in such a fantastic time. Well Done!!!

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