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The decision of whether a ladies office uniform is required in the workplace is one we hear about time after time. Staff uniforms have always been simple for men, whether there is a strict dress code or not does not particularly matter, just smart trousers and a shirt usually does the trick. Disparities in colour or style are relatively slight. Ladies can face an entirely different battle, however. There’s a seemingly endless choice when it comes to trousers, skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets, shoes and coats.  Even when you’ve decided on the perfect route to go down there are so many styles and options available that getting dressed in the morning can actually be quite stressful!

Woman Stressed

The Solution: Ladies Office Uniform


As a woman how many times have you had an important meeting to attend, anxious over what to wear? Many ladies feel the need to dress to impress and can spend far too much valuable time making these arguably unnecessary decisions every morning. The solution is to offer a ladies office uniform. Take away the uncertainty and time lost in finding an outfit while still allowing a degree of individuality to shine through.


Retaining Individuality


Let’s take quite a typical and simplistic uniform: a  black tailored trouser with a lightweight, plain white blouse. This outfit will be suitable for many occasions and leaves the wearer with a degree of individuality in their choice of jacket, shoes and accessories. Individuality does not always need to be seen in the staple outfit; a plain white blouse leaves the option of embellishment with a unique scarf or necklace. Room for such embellishments allows your employees to speak their personality through their dress, without the stress of selecting the base outfit.


Our New Office Blouse


To introduce an example of our own stock, our new Crepe De Chine Blouse is an ideal choice. It is comfortable, lightweight and stylish, and comes in a choice of white or cream. The front pleating, small gold rear zip and cuff button details compliment the design in addition to a personal choice of long or short sleeve options. It’s everything you need in an office blouse.


Image of Crepe De Chine Riola Blouse in White Ideal for Ladies Office Uniform

Image of the Gold Cuff Button for the Crepe De Chine Riola Blouse In White Ideal for Ladies Office Uniform

Image of Back Gold Zip Detail on the Crepe De Chine Riola Blouse in White Ideal for Ladies Office Uniform

A personal choice of a jacket in milder weather can be a good accompaniment, while layering with a chunky knit cardigan or smart jumper in the winter months will still provide that spark of individuality.

Reading this blog by Matilda Kahl, she gives a great account of why she chooses to wear her own work uniform, though her employer does not enforce one. This emphasises the extra pressure females can put on themselves compared to their male counterparts. This leads us back to why introducing a ladies office uniform can be a worthwhile step for your company and staff. It takes away the uncertainty and the stress that comes with women’s work dress, and can drive more focus and productivity when it comes to work. A win for your staff and a win for you.


Over to You


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