Our New ‘One’ Collection | Work Wear

We are proud to unveil our brand new work wear range: the ‘One’ Collection. Featuring a wide range of both Ladies and Mens garments, the ‘One’ Collection provides everything that you require for your staff uniforms.

work wear

What Makes the ‘One’ Collection Special?

All of the work wear in this range is made from 100% polyester fabric. It is therefore a very hardwearing collection, offering superb durability. If your staff need uniforms that will stand the test of time and meet rigorous user demands day in day out, then look no further.

Style and Substance


As well as being very durable, the ‘One’ Collection is also offers serious style. See the photographs below for examples of this fashionably tailored range.

work wear

What about Sizes?

As with all Keltic collections, the ‘One’ Collection is available in a huge range of sizes, all readily stocked and ready to be delivered immediately. By combining amazing quality with amazing availability this seven-piece collection is a sure-fire winner when it comes to corporate uniforms!

Work Wear Made Easy

If you would like more information on this collection then please call our friendly sales team on 08450 66 66 99. Or if you’d rather make an online enquiry you can do so here.


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