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Covert Vest - Dual Purpose Stab & Ballistic Protection

For compete concealed protection – Certified to HG1, KR1 and SP1 Home Office handgun, knife and spike resistance standards, including syringe and blunt trauma protection.

  • Fully adjustable at shoulders and sides
  • Concealed protection
  • Unisex, lightweight
  • Fully washable cover
  • Cool dry t-shirt recommended for wear underneath
Covert Ballistic Vest
Covert stab vests
Covert stab vests
Covert stab vests
Covert stab vests


White or Black

Price: £443.95*
* Sizes XXXL and XXXXL will incur an additional cost.

How To Buy
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Please Note: The wearing of body armour does not guarantee protection from all types of threats that may be encountered. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the product specified is satisfactory for the intended purpose. Our expertise is at your service, with specific threat testing and proven solutions.