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Luxury Fashion Collections

Welcome to our Luxury Fashion Collections, three collections offering cutting edge fashion styles and fine fabrics. Find a favourite below:

Corporate Fashion Collection

The Sophisticated Collection

Beautifully tailored best selling collection

The Eclipse Collection

The Eclipse Collection

Mid weight luxury fashion collection

Buisness Casual Collection

Buisness Casual Collection

A perfect combination of comfort and style

Our three fashion collections all pack a punch in terms of up-to-the-minute style and sophistication. Each of these highly fashionable, luxurious collections has slightly different colour options and stylistic features, and you can pick which suits your personal tastes and business needs best by browsing them at your leisure.

These collections are not as robust as our durable basics and ‘best of both’ collections, so if the wearers will be doing manual or very hands-on roles, pick one of our other two categories. To achieve the beautiful drape and luxurious feel, these collections use the finest fabrics on the market today, and are ideal for high-end customer-facing roles such as front of house reception or customer service.