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Uniform Tax Tags

Much like a Levis tag on a pair of jeans, tax tags are small discreet logos ideal for many different types of uniforms. Tax tags are ideal for more subtle branding and also help avoid tax implications.

Uniform Tax Tags
printed polo shirts

A tax tag can be made to any design, be it your company logo, company colours or simply initials. They are a discreet way of promoting your company as opposed to a logo shown clearly on your uniform. They also provide an easy way to get around the personal tax aspect of staff clothing.

Many organisations are not aware that Inland Revenue enforce a tax on items of clothing that are issued free to staff and don’t carry any branding. They consider this a 'fringe benefit' to the member of staff as it could be worn outside of work. By applying a tax tag this distinguishes the garment as work wear as opposed to leisure wear, you can avoid this by making sure that the garments you issue are clearly and permanently logo'd.

Our minimum order starts from 25 tax tags - any tags not used on your bulk order can be kept in stock for use on future orders, or we can send them to you with the rest of your completed order.

For more information on our tax tagged uniforms call us on 08450 66 66 99 or email