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At Keltic, we’re conscious that everything we do has a 360-degree effect on the world that surrounds us. Having been supplying superb quality eco-friendly corporate clothing for over 20 years, along the way we’ve thought about the impact of every aspect of our operation. Millions of people in the UK are required to work in a uniform or corporate workwear, promotional uniforms, and there is a lot of talk on the news about “fast fashion” and the damage it’s doing to the planet.

Corporate Clothing

However, there is little talk of the hundreds of millions of items of corporate workwear that are poorly made, by people who aren’t treated well, in unsustainable fabrics that are dyed in ways that are damaging to the environment, shipped by polluting transportation methods, and then at end of life thrown in the bin to go to landfill.

Eco-friendly Corporate Clothing / Uniforms

Of course, the design of our clothing is still about looking good and feeling comfortable, but we know that every garment we supply has an impact on the person that wears it, the person that made it, and on the planet, so we’ve integrated innovative ways to reduce our footprint and help combat those pressing environmental issues. Click on the below topics to read in more detail how our incorporation of sustainable fabrics, change in packaging, our factory choices, and our determination to reduce waste even when our garments are at the end of their life has to lead to us being an industry leader in sustainable uniforms.

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